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How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters

November 1, 2016
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters

     Anytime I go to a thrift store I check to see if there are any cashmere sweaters. It doesn’t matter what size they are, how dated the style or if they have a hole here and there. As long as they’re inexpensive, I buy them. They’re great for cutting up and piecing together to make new clothes. If you haven’t been hoarding cashmere sweaters for future sewing projects (seriously, I’m probably the only person who does this =D), acrylic sweaters will work just as well. 
     This is a great beginner sewing project because there’s no real pattern to follow and you can piece together the sweaters any way you’d like!
Old or thrifted sweaters (I used 3 sweaters and 2 sleeveless tops)
Sewing machine

How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
Most of my sweaters were larger sizes, so I was able to cut a 15 inch wide piece from the front and back on all of them. The most important thing to remember is to cut all your sweater pieces in a perfect rectangular (or square shape). If the edges are uneven, your scarf will be crooked.
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
For some of the pieces I created a colorblock. Be creative! As long as the width remains the same on every piece, you can do anything.
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
I used pieces that included the original ribbed hem as the ends of the scarf.
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
You can make the scarf any length you’d like. I made mine 140 inches, so I could wrap it around my neck a few times and the ends would still be long.
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
How to Make a Scarf From Old Sweaters
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  • Reply
    Meredith Adolf
    November 2, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    This is wonderful! I especially love the colors you chose.

  • Reply
    Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
    November 2, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    I literally have a hoard of cashmere sweaters waiting for the right refashion, lol. They're mine and my Mom's from the last 15 years and they have holes, are too small or too short… I LOVE this idea!!

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