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Free Easter Knitting Patterns

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Free Easter Knitting Patterns- upgrade your Easter décor and add something special to your baskets with these fast and easy knitting patterns.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Easter is a month away which leaves plenty of time to whip up one (or more!) of these easy Easter knitting patterns. This Easter round-up features a wide array of free patterns- everything from Easter baskets to bunny slippers to knit decorative eggs.


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Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Easy Bunny Basket Knitting Pattern

These sweet little Easter baskets are perfect for holding a treat, toys, or as Easter decor. It’s knit on circular needles without increases or decreases. Once you’re finished knitting, the bottom is closed off by running a length of yarn to gather and then pulling it tight. The ears are knit separately on single point needles and then sewn on. Finally, a fluffy faux fur pom makes it complete!

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Easy Easter Eggs Knitting Pattern

These knit easter eggs are knit flat and they make a great stash-busting project! I knit these eggs using different weights of yarn- worsted weight yarn and #2 fine weight. For the fine-weight eggs, I knit using 2 strands of yarn at the same time. Since this pattern is pretty simple, you can customize it by adding more stripes or even designs if you want to get fancy. These knit eggs make great gifts to add to a kid’s Easter Basket.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Knit Easter Chick Basket

Looking for something cute to spruce up your Easter decor? This cheerful yellow Knit Easter Chick Basket is easy and fun to make! It’s knit flat (entirely in Garter Stitch), so it’s perfect for beginners. The basket has a small opening so it’s perfect for holding chocolate eggs, other candy, or Easter eggs. This quick knit little chick would also make a great addition to a kid’s Easter Basket.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Flat Knit Baby Bunny Hat

Get your little one Easter-ready with this cute rabbit hat. This hat is ideal for beginners since it is knit on single point needles using basic rib and garter stitches. The ears are knit separately and then sewn on. This is a fast & fun project that will keep your little one toasty when the cool weather arrives.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Easy Kid’s Bunny Slippers Knitting Pattern

These knit bunny slippers would be an adorable addition to a kid’s Easter basket! They’re knit flat using a combination of garter and rib stitches. 2 strands of yarn are worked together, otherwise this pattern is very straightforward. The bunny ears are knit separately and then sewn on. A fluffy pom pom tail completes the look! 

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

One Square Easter Bunny Basket Knitting Pattern

This pattern is perfect for beginners! If you can knit a square, you can make this little bunny basket! Some of my favorite knitting patterns are the ones that look complicated but are actually easy to knit. This bunny basket definitely falls into that category! It’s created by knitting a square using the Stockingette (knit one side, purl the other) stitch. The bunny shape is made using a couple of cleverly placed seams.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

Easy Bunny Bonnet Knitting Pattern

This bonnet pattern is beginner-friendly and knits up fast. The bonnet is knit flat using the Garter stitch. The ears are knit separately and then sewn on. This bunny bonnet is perfect for Easter pictures, events, and family dinners.

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

One Square Stuffed Bunny Knitting Pattern

This bunny knitting pattern is as easy as it comes- if you can knit a square, you can make this! This little guy makes a great gift and this pattern is also a great way to make use of scrap yarn! Ideal for beginners!

Free Easter Knitting Patterns

One Square Knit Bunny

Here’s another version of a cute, Easter bunny that can be knit using one square. This One Square Knit Bunny is so easy to make, anyone can do it! The body is made from a knit square and the ears are attached separately. The bunny gets its shape from some cleverly placed seams.

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making any of these Free Easter Knitting Patterns, or any of my other knitting patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy knitting!

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