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DIY Skull Candle Holder

October 21, 2016
DIY Skull Candle Holder
This DIY Candle Holder is equal parts creepy and chic. Plus, it’s so easy to make! Terracotta saucers (you know, those things that go under to plant pots to hold water) are repurposed into the base and candle holder. A finishing touch of spray paint gives the whole thing a cohesive look. I think this would look great spray painted metallic gold. Maybe next year! 

4 inch Plaster skulls- 2 (I bought mine from Michaels)
4 inch 2 Terracotta saucers
Liquid nails
Spray paint

A word about working with Liquid Nails- This stuff is awesome and it hold much better than Krazy Glue or a glue gun for heavier projects, but it has a long drying time. This DIY has to be done in stages to allow for each part to dry fully.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
Turn the saucer over. Apply a fairly large blob of Liquid Nails to the bottom.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
Place the first skull on top and wait overnight for it to dry.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
 Place another fairly large blob of Liquid Nails on the top of the skull and wait about 90 minutes for it to get tacky. Then place the other skull on top. I put a stack of books on each side of the skulls to hold it in place while it dried overnight. This will prevent the top skull from sliding out of position while it dries.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
Put another blob on Liquid Nails on top of the second skull. Wait for it to get tacky- about 90 minutes.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
Place the other saucer- right side up- on top of the skull. Let dry. 
DIY Skull Candle Holder
Spray paint black and let dry.
DIY Skull Candle Holder
DIY Skull Candle Holder
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