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Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

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Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern- This easy knit carrot pattern is perfect for beginners and creates a cute and colorful Easter decoration or gift.

Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

This easy knit carrot pattern creates a small, cute carrot that can be used as an Easter basket filler or as festive decor. The pattern requires basic knitting stitches such as garter stitch, purl stitch and simple decreases, making it suitable for knitters of all skill levels.

. The carrot is made using orange yarn for the body and green yarn for the leaves, and is stuffed with polyester stuffing to give it shape. Once finished, the carrot measures a few inches in length and can be easily customized by adjusting the size and color of the yarn.


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Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

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Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Pumpkin, Red Heart Super Saver Paddy Green (#4 medium weight yarn)
Needles: US size 7 single point knitting needles
Also needed: yarn needle, poly-fill
Gauge: not necessary for this project
Level of difficulty: Beginner
Size: Finished knitted carrot measures approximately 10 inches long

Abbreviations: Kfb- knit in the front and back of stitch

Pattern instructions:

With orange Cast on 34 stitches
Work in Stockinette stitch for 10 rows
Row 11: K2tog, K to last 2 stitches, K2tog.
Row 12: Purl across
Repeat rows 11 & 12 until 2 stitches remain, K2 together and fasten off.

For the top:
(make 3 per carrot)
With green cast on 2 stitches
Row 1 Knit across
Row 2 Kfb of each stitch (4 sts)
Row 3 Knit across
Row 4 Kfb of the first and last stitches. (6 sts)
Row 5: Knit across.
Row 6: Kfb of the first and last stitches. (8 sts)
Rows 7- 15 Knit across
Row 16: K2tog, knit to last 2 stitches, K2tog. (6 sts)
Row 17: Knit across.
Row 18: Row 16: K2tog, knit to last 2 stitches, K2tog. (4 sts)
Row 19: Knit across.
Row 20: K2tog, K2tog (2 sts)
Row 21: K2 together and fasten off.

Finishing (step-by-step):

Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

Fold the carrot over and sew the side seam. Stuff with fiber fill.

Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

The next step is to close the top of the carrot.

Make a running stitch around the top using a tapestry needle, and pull to close the opening. Knot securely.

Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

Thread the yarn on the end of the leaf through a yarn needle. Push the needle through the top of the carrot. Weave the end through the carrot a few times to secure. Cut the remaining yarn.

Easy Carrot Knitting Pattern

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