How to Paint Patio Cushions

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How to Paint Patio Cushions- update your faded and old outdoor cushions with this easy tutorial!

How to Paint Patio Cushions

I’ve been on a quest for the last few weeks to find new outdoor cushions for my seating area. The set was originally brown and I paint it gray. I love the way it looked, but the cushions didn’t match at all! Finding new cushions turned out to be much harder than I thought! I checked nearly a dozen online stores and I couldn’t find cushions that were the right size. The next issue was the price. Outdoor cushions are expensive! I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on cushions that weren’t even the correct size. I also considered sewing slipcovers for all the cushions, but this would have been a very time-consuming project.

How to Paint Patio Cushions
A “before” pic of my patio set.

I came across this Outdoor Fabric Paint by Rust-Oleum and I figured I’d give it a try. I created a video to show the paint in action and I’ll provide more info about the pros and cons of the paint below.

How to Paint Patio Cushions

Start by cleaning off your cushions. I used a brush and a solution of dish soap and water. Let them dry thoroughly before painting. Shake the can vigorously for one minute. Hold the can 6 inches away from the cushion and begin spraying using a back and forth motion. Let the cushion dry throughly between coats.

Pros of using Outdoor Fabric Paint by Rust-Oleum

Cheaper than buying new cushions

Very easy to use

Durable- the paint doesn’t chip or scratch off.

The paint is UV resistant.

The cushions still feel soft after painting.

Cons of using Outdoor Fabric Paint by Rust-Oleum

The only con with this DIY is the amount of paint required. You’ll need many cans of paint to update your cushions. I used 10 cans of spray paint for my patio set. I used approximately 2 cans of spray paint per cushion. This was still considerably cheaper than buying new cushions. It was also less money than the outdoor fabric by the yard I considered buying to recover the cushions. The first coat of paint goes on thin, so 2 coats are needed.

How to Paint Patio Cushions

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How to Paint Patio Cushions
How to Paint Patio Cushions

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