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$20 Outdoor Planter DIY & Deer Resistant Container Gardening

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Learn how to make this $20 Outdoor Planter DIY & Deer Resistant Container Gardening!

Outdoor Planter DIY

When the weather is nice, you can always find me on the back patio. I even set up a mini office outside with my laptop, notebooks and coffee. Nothing beats the fresh air and the sounds of nature! One of my goals for this season was to add some color with beautiful plants and classic wood planters. Living in the Hamptons, I had the added challenge of creating a deer-resistant container garden.  The deer in this area are very brazen and will come right on to your patio to devour your plants! Today I’m excited to share this $20 Outdoor Planter DIY and Deer Resistant Container Gardening. 

My neighbor has some gorgeous Crape Myrtles that I’ve always admired, so I figured this year it was time to get my own (bonus- the deer don’t eat them!). The leaves are a rich purple color and when it blooms in July there will be beautiful dark pink flowers. I also bough Phlox to fill in the planter. They’re also deer-resistant and they smell amazing! Now that I had my vibrant new plants, I needed somewhere to plant them. I priced some wood planters and they were around $150 a piece! I knew I could save a lot of money by making them myself so I created this $20 Outdoor Planter DIY.

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Outdoor Planter DIY

Anyone who builds knows that wood can be expensive! Luckily, the cost for this planter is kept down by substituting fence pickets for costly deck boards.

$20 Outdoor Planter DIY Supplies:

1 x 3 x 8 (2 total)
1 x 2 x 8 (1 total)
5 1/2 wide x 72 long pressure treated fence pickets (3 total)
2 x 2 x 8 (1 total)

1 1/4″ exterior screws

2 1/2″ exterior screws

Cut the wood into the following pieces:

10 – 1 x 3 x 17
5 – 1 x 2 x 17
4 – 2 x 2 x 23 3/4
12 – cedar fence pickets 17 3/4 long

Outdoor Planter DIY

Take 2 pieces of the 1 x 3 x 17. Lie them flat and place 3 fence pickets over them. Screw in from the back using the 1 1/2 inch screws. Build 4 of these sides.

Outdoor Planter DIY

For 2 of the sides- center a 2 x 2 x 23 3/4 board on each side and screw it in place using the 2 1/2 inch screws.

Outdoor Planter DIY

On the 2 sides with the legs-  Take the  1 x 3 x 17 and screw it 6 inches up from the bottom using 1 1/2 inch screws.

Outdoor Planter DIY

Screw the 4 sides together using the 2 1/2 inch screws. Screw together at the top and the bottom of the planter.

Outdoor Planter DIYScrew the 1 x 2 x 17 slats to the bottom (on top of the cleats) using 1 1/2 inch screws. Place landscape fabric or coconut liner over the slats before planting.

Outdoor Planter DIY

Outdoor Planter DIY

I painted the planters white to cover up the green-ish tint from the pressure treated fence posts. White also looks better with my patio furniture than the natural wood. I love the way these turned out! I can’t wait for my Crape Myrtles to bloom!

What plants are you excited to grow this spring?

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