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Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

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Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size- a cute and comfortable costume that can be made in any size!

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

Today I’m going to show you how to turn a plain, black hoody into a cute, spider costume for any size. This costume consists of 2 parts, the body, and the hat. The spider legs and hat are both made with black fleece. They are stuffed and sewn by hand to the sides of the sweatshirt. Then, clear thread (or fishing line) is used to attach the fleece legs to the sweatshirt arms.

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

Supplies needed:

1/2 yard black fleece

White felt

Black felt

Fabric glue (if you don’t want to hand sew the eyes)

Fiber fill

Black sweatshirt

Clear thread or fishing line

Easy DIY Spider Costume

Measure the length of the sleeve on your sweatshirt (from under the arm to the cuff). The will be the length of the spider legs. Cut 4 spider legs that measure the length of your sweatshirt sleeve and 8 inches wide. Cut a curve at the end of the fleece.

For the hat,

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

Sew around the sides, leaving the bottom open to stuff. Fill with fiber fill.

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

Sew the legs onto the side of the sweatshirt. Using a needle and clear thread, run a line from the bottom leg to the sleeve. Make a knot on the middle leg with the thread so it doesn’t slide down when the arms are raised.

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

To make the hat- sew the two pieces together at the sides and top. Turn right side out. Trace 2 eye holes on the white felt (I used a drinking glass), and then trace 6 smaller ones (I used the bottom of a skincare bottle). Sew (or glue) the eyes to the hat. Note- if you are gluing the eyes, place a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the hat so they don’t accidentally become stuck together. Cut small circles out of the black felt and sew (or glue) them on.

Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

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Easy DIY Spider Costume Any Size

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