Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern

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Keep your little one stylish and shaded with this adorable Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern.

Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern

As the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine, it’s important to protect our little ones from harmful UV rays. And what better way to do that than with an adorable sun hat? This Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern is the perfect accessory for your baby’s summer wardrobe.

This baby hat knitting pattern features a simple design. It’s knit in stockinette stitch with a ruffled brim and a shaped crown. The hat’s body is knit on straight needles in stockinette stitch. The brim is made using knit stitch on straight needles.

Not only is it functional in keeping the sun out of their eyes and off their delicate skin, but it’s also a stylish addition to any outfit. Plus, with this easy-to-follow knitting pattern, you can create a one-of-a-kind hat that is sure to be cherished for years to come. Let’s dive in and get started on this fun and practical knitting project!

Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern

Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern

Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Rose (#4 yarn weight- worsted weight yarn)
Needles: Size US 7 Single point knitting needles
Gauge: 8 sts = 2 inches
Size: baby and toddler 1-2 years
Skill level: beginner knitter

Pattern instructions for this free knitting pattern:

Cast on 9 sts.
Row 1: (RS). (K1. yo) 8 times. K1. (17 sts)
Row 2 and alt rows: Purl.
Row 3: K1. (yo. K2) 8 times. (25 sts) 
Row 5: K1. (yo. K3) 8 times. (33 sts) 
Row 7: K1. (yo. K4) 8 times. (41 sts) 
Row 9: K1. (yo. K5) 8 times. (49 sts) 
Row 10: Same as 2nd row.
Continue in the same manner, increase 8 sts on next and every following Right Side row to 89 sts. PM at end of last row.

Continue working even in stocking st until work from marked row measures 3 inches ending on a purl row.

Next row: (RS). *K1. M1. Rep from * to last st. K1. 177 sts.
Knit 6 rows (garter st).

Cast off knitwise (WS), leaving a long end.
Sew back seam. Thread yarn through cast on sts and pull tightly. Fasten securely.

Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern
Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern

Knitting a Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat is a fun and rewarding project that will provide your little one with a cute and practical accessory for the summer months. With just a few basic knitting techniques and the easy-to-follow pattern provided, you can create a unique and stylish sun hat that will keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Not only is this project enjoyable for experienced knitters, but it’s also a great opportunity for beginners to practice their knitting skills. So, gather your supplies, choose your favorite yarn, and get started on this delightful and useful project!

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Don’t forget to check my knitting pattern archive for more free baby hat knitting patterns.

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this Flat Knit Baby Sun Hat Knitting Pattern or any of my other easy knit hat patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy knitting!

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