Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

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Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern- beginner-friendly pattern for these pretty decorative seashells. Great way to make use of scrap yarn!

Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern


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Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

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Yarn:  #4 Worsted weight yarn

Needles:  Size US 7 Single point knitting needles

Gauge: not necessary for this project

Size: Seashells measure approximately 4 inches from the top to bottom

Pattern instructions:

(note: if you’re new to knitting there are some abbreviations in this pattern that you might be unfamiliar with-

turn: this means turn the work over and start knitting on the other side.

k2togtbl: this means knit 2 together in the back loop.

Row 1: [k1, p3] x 9, turn

Row 2: [k3, p1] x 7, k3, turn

Row 3: [p3, k1] x 6, p3, turn

Row 4: [k3, p1] x 5, k3, turn

Row 5: [p3, k1] x 4, p3, turn

Row 6: [k3, p1] x 3, k3, turn

Row 7: [p3, k1] x 7 (41)

Row 8: [p1, k2togtbl, k1] x 10, p1 (31)

Row 9: [k1, p2] x 8, turn

Row 10: [k2, p1] x 5, k2, turn

Row 11: [p2, k1] x 4, p2, turn

Row 12: [k2, p1] x 3, k2, turn

Row 13: [p2, k1] x 2, p2, turn

Row 14: k2, p1, k2, turn

Row 15: [p2, k1] x 6 (31)

Row 16: [p1, k2togtbl] x 10, p1 (21)

Row 17: [k1, p1] x 9, turn

Row 18: [k1, p1] x 7, k1, turn

Row 19: [p1, k1] x 5, p1, turn

Row 20: [k1, p1] x 3, k1, turn

Row 21: [p1, k1] x 7 (21)

Row 22: cast off 4, [k1, p1] x 8 (17 sts)

Row 23: cast off 4, k2tog x 6 (7)

Row 24: Purl across

Row 25: k1, k2tog x 3 (4)

Row 26: Purl across


Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

On either side of the cast-off edge, there will be two straight lines.

Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

Fold them together and sew the seam. Repeat on the other side.

Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

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Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this post- Flat Knit Seashell Knitting Pattern or any of my other free knitting patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy knitting!

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