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Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern- Video Tutorial

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Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern- these pumpkins are perfect for fall décor. Easily knit them using straight needles!

Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

The best time to create fall-inspired crafts is now! Here is an easy pumpkin knitting pattern that you can do in just an hour.

For this tutorial, I included both photo step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. These pumpkins are easy and fun to make. They’re also a great scrap-busting project! I tried this pattern out using a few different weights of yarn. The pumpkins can either be knit using weight #5 yarn or you can double up and using weight #2 and #4 together. The doubled-up yarn creates a pretty, tweed effect (you can see this on the purple and copper pumpkin above).

Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

Yarn: You can use a few different weight yarn for these pumpkins. I used weight #5 and I also used weight #2 and #4 (worked together at the same time)

Needles: Size US 9 Single point

Gauge: not important for this pattern

Cast on 20 sts

Row 1: Knit across.

Row 2: Knit across

Row 3: Knit across.

Row 4: Knit across.

Row 5: Purl across.

Repeat these 5 rows until the piece measures approximately 9 inches long, ending after a Purl row. Bind off.

For the stem:

Cast on 10 sts using the brown yarn. Work in Stockinette stitch until the piece measures 2 inches. Break the yarn and thread the end of the yarn through the stitches using a needle. Pull to gather. Fold the piece over and sew the side seam. Sew the stem onto the top of the pumpkin.

For the vine (optional)

Using crochet hook I and #3 weight yarn, chain 20. Crochet in every 2nd or 3rd stitch on the second row. This quickly shortens the row and creates a swirl, mimicking a vine.

How to Assemble the Pumpkins

How to knit pumpkins on straight needles

Once you are finished knitting, the piece will be a rectangle. Fold the piece over and sew the side seam.

Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

Turn the pumpkin inside out. Run a loose stitch around the bottom of the pumpkin, weaving in and out. Pull to close the hole.

Straight Needle Knit Pumpkin

Stuff the pumpkin and run a stitch around the top. Pull to gather and close the opening.

Make and attach the stem and add vine if you desire (see video above)

Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

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Straight Needle Knit Pumpkins

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this Straight Needle Pumpkin Knitting Pattern- Video Tutorial, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy Halloween knitting!

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