Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

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Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern- knit flat and ideal for beginners! 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

These fast and easy women’s slippers are ideal for beginner knitters! They are knit flat using two strands of yarn that are worked at the same time. There is minimal shaping and the entire slipper is knit in a basic garter stitch. 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

Yarn: Lion Brand Jeans in Topstitch and Capri (1 skein of each)

Needles: Size US 10 single point knitting needles

Will fit women’s size shoe 7-9. 

Note: Work using 2 strands of yarn at the same time. 
Cast on 2 sts.
Row 1: : (Right Side). K2.
Row 2: : Inc 1 st in first stitch. K1. (3 sts).
Rows 3 and 4: Knit across.
Row 5: : Inc 1 st in first st. Knit to end of row.**
Rep 3rd to 5th rows 4 times more. (8 sts).
Next 2 rows: Cast on 10 sts. Knit to end of row. (28 sts after 2nd row).
Place marker at end of the last row.
Work in garter st until work from marked row measures 4½ inches.

Place a second set of markers at each end of the last row.
Knit for a further 3½ inches, ending with a WS row.

Shape Toe:

Row 1: K3. *K2tog. K3. Rep from * to end of row. (23 sts).
Rows 2 and 4: Knit across.
Row 3:: K3. *K2tog. K2. Rep from * to end of row. (18 sts).
Row 5: *K2tog. K1. Rep from * to end of row. (12 sts).
Row 6: (K2tog) 6 times. 6 sts.
Break yarn, leaving a long end. Thread end through remaining sts and pull tightly. 

How to sew the slippers together:

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

This is what the piece looks like when you are finished knitting. The gathered part makes the toe and the point at the bottom makes the heel. 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

Fold the piece over and then stitch the seam from the tow to the markers. 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

Fold up the point in the back and sew the seam on one side. 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

Sew the other seam. 

Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

Make and attach pom pom.

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Easy Slippers Knitting Pattern

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