Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

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Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern- a beginner-friendly pattern for cozy slippers that comes together like magic!

Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

I’ve always been fascinated by Origami. It’s amazing how something one-dimensional can be transformed into complex shapes by some simple folds! Origami isn’t just limited to paper- it can also work with knits (and fabric too, but that’s a post for another day!).

These slipper socks look complicated, but they’re actually easy to make! 16 same-size squares are knit (8 for each slipper), then they are joined together, folded over and sewn.

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Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

Yarn: #4 weight yarn- I used Lion Brand Jeans in Capri and Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Yarn in Woodlands

Needles: Size US 7 single point

Gauge: 2 inches = 9 sts

Sizes: Women S/M (size 6-8), M/L (size 8-10)

Pattern Instructions:

The pieces listed below will make both slippers. Do not double.

(Make 8)

Color 1: Cast on 13 (15) sts.

Work in Garter stitch until piece measures 3 (3 1/4) inches. Bind off.

(Make 4)

Color 2: Cast on 13 (15) sts.

Work in Garter st until piece measures 3 (3 1/4) inches. Bind off.

(Make 4)

Color 3: Cast on 13 (15) sts.

Work in Garter stitch until piece measures 3 (3 1/4) inches. Bind off.

How to Assemble the Slippers

Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

Sew the squares together in the following pattern.

Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

To create the slipper, match the letters up and sew the sides together. Make sure you go in order- starting with the letter “A”, otherwise it’s easy to get mixed up! After you sew the letter “B” together you will see the slipper starting to take shape. After this point, I found that it’s easier to place the slipper on your foot and finish sewing that way.

Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

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Origami Slippers Knitting Pattern

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