Mirror Flower Pot DIY with Gorilla Glue Clear plus $250 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Gorilla Glue Companyโ€‚ for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mirror Planter DIY

I’m a total Plant Lady and I can never have enough flowers! Plants are a cheerful and inexpensive way to add color to a room. Plus, they’re great for the air quality. My ever-growing flower collection requires lots of new pots. I generally choose flower pots that are sleek and simple to let the plant take center stage. I decided to shake things up by creating this Mirror Flower Pot DIY. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it would work (I was worried about the tiles falling off), but Clear Gorilla Glueยฎ made this project a breeze!

Choosing the right glue for your DIY project is so important. The wrong glue can make the finished project look messy, or even worse, it won’t hold! Clear Gorilla Glue (which I purchased at Home Depot) is perfect for this Mirror Flower Pot DIY because it’s easy to work with and it dries clear. It also doesnโ€™t foam or expand as it cures. Best of all, Clear Gorilla Glue is incredibly strong and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications! This is my go-to glue when I’m working on a DIY that involves glass or any material where over-spill is an issue.

Supplies needed for Mirror Flower Pot DIY

4, 6 inch Mirror Tiles (available at most craft stores)

Clear Gorilla Glue

Scrap wood

Mirror Flower Pot DIY

Run a thin line of  Clear Gorilla Glue along the inside sides of the mirror tiles.

Mirror Planter DIY

Form the tiles into a box and hold in place with soup cans or something similar.  Clear Gorilla Glue takes 2 hours to adhere and 24 hours to fully cure. I left the soup cans around the sides for the full 24 hours.

Mirror Flower Pot DIY

Cut a piece of scrap wood that measure 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 inches. Place the mirror box on top and line it up on the wood square. There should be a small amount of wood overhang on each side.

Mirror Flower Pot DIY

Glue the mirror box to the wood on the inside sides. Let cure.

The Mirror Flower Pot DIY is complete! This flower pot is intended to hold a smaller pot inside. Do not put the dirt and plant directly in the mirror pot.

This Mirror Flower Pot currently sits on a shelf in my kitchen. I’m happy with the way it turned out! I love the way the mirror reflects the leaves. It really catches your attention when you walk in the room!

Mirror Planter DIY

Mirror Flower Pot DIY

Mirror Planter DIY

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  1. I love this mirrored flower pot, it looks beautiful and it doesn’t look hard to make
    at all. I have to try out the Gorilla glue, I could use it for so many things

  2. I love the idea of putting things together that look so decorative! Looks amazing and i could really use this giveaway for my own creativity!

  3. This is a nice idea turned out great. We love Gorilla Glue, have used it to repair so many things even a large porcelain frog out in the garden

  4. thank you for the chance,sure could use this for art supplies especially with april being autism awareness month.for my sons who has autism and his classmates to do projects,thanks !!

  5. This looks so simple to make, but oh so cute. Just like you, I was leery of trying to use glue on glass (mirrors). Thanks for the review of Gorilla Glue. Will surely try this!

  6. This came out so nice, and I’ve not seen anything like it anywhere! I haven’t tried Gorilla Glue yet, but I’m excited to try it, as I’ve been wondering what to use for things I need to do that spillover would be an issue – also how strong!!!

  7. This mirror box is a great idea that I can make my mom for Mother’s Day! It looks fairly easy although I get frustrated easily as I’m not very craftsy. lol

  8. Oh my, just yesterday my son got a zamboni bank and pulled it out of the box and it was broken. No glue in sight. However, I can think so many projects besides fixing zamboni banks..

  9. Oh that is so adorable!! What a great idea. I have never tried Gorilla glue before. Sounds like it works wonderful for so many different things!

  10. I have fixed a lot of things with Gorilla Glue, but the idea of creating something with it has never crossed my mind. This is such a smart decorative idea.

  11. Thank you for the giveaway. The mirror flower pot is such a cute idea. That gift card would come in handy for projects I have in mind.

  12. Truthfully, I am not much of a DIY person. However, all four of my adult children impress me with their ability and desire to do it themselves (I must’ve done something right!) I love your flower pot.

  13. this can be used on many projects even putting wood back together i know i had nothing and didnt want my baby to know i broke something and this is all i had it worked

  14. I love simple arts and crafts that can be used as gifts or to update my home. We use gorilla glue for a lot of our crafts, it never fails us. We would use this gift card to buy supplies for more projects!

  15. My daughter does glass etching on mirrors. This would be an amazing thing to use those mirrors for! Thanks for the DIY instructions.

  16. Warm weather is just around the corner. Time to spruce up the home, and I’ll be doing a lot of shopping at Home Depot. Thank you for the chance to win.

  17. WOW!! I am loving the mirrored flower pot!! As a single working Mama with 2 jobs, I am always on the lookout for fun and easy DIY projects to do with my kids and this looks like a great one!! Thanks for sharing it!

  18. I just picked up the brown liquid gorilla glue today, I didn’t know they had a clear. I love the idea of using the little square mirrors for a pot, I have a couple left over from my daughters’ craft project for school, great way to use them instead of throwing them out.

  19. As a small child we grew up poor and I learned from an early age how to DIY before it was even a popular thing to do! Pot gardening is my therapy as I am not in good health. Thank you for the chance to make a few mirror flower pots

  20. I love using Gorilla glue. It’s the best out there. Love the pot and those Gerbera Daisies are one of the best houseplants for our health.

  21. What a simple beautiful idea.
    My pc was acting up & I accidentally logged 2 entries
    please don’t eliminate me. I would LOVE this giveaway.

  22. This is sooo cute! I look forward to trying to make this and other DIY projects as a new hobby. It’s a great way to destress! Thank you!

  23. What a neat DIY project, would be perfect to do for Mother’s Day. Thanks for the great idea that seems simple enough for your average crafter.

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