DIY Accordion Tie Dyed Onesies

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I had some plain white Onesies I knew I wanted to dye. Instead of going for the traditional rainbow/hippie tie dye look, I made them over using this accordion technique. I’m really happy with the way they turned out and I think my little guy is too!
Dye (I used this, this and this)

[Lie your Onesie flat and starting at the edge, fold it over]
[Keep folding in an accordion motion (over and under) until you reach the other side. You want the folds to be about an inch wide]
[Tie up the folded Onesie using the string. Make sure it is tied tightly]
[Dye your Onesie according to the directions on the bottle. Some I submerged in just one color while others I dipped the ends into a contrasting color. When you are finished dyeing, rinse the Onesies out thoroughly and then wash and dry]

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