DIY Metallic Beaded Necklace

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I’ve been on a total metallic kick lately. I found these large wooden beads and decided to make them look more modern by adding a few coats of paint and string them in a circular shape.
Wood beads
Metallic paint (gold, bronze, silver, blue) & paintbrush
Silver chain (23 inches long)
Lobster clasp
Jump rings
Jewelry pliers

[Place the bead on the end of a pencil. This makes it easier to paint all around. Put the pencil (with the bead on top) in a cup to dry]
[Paint 2 beads with each of the colors. They may need a few coats]
[String 4 beads on the chain. Center them in the middle of the chain]
[String the chain through the first bead]
[Pull the chain to tighten]
[String 2 more beads on the chain]
[String the remaining 2 beads on the other side of the chain]
[Using the jewelry pliers attach the jump rings and then the lobster clasp]

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  1. From start to finish, a wonderful idea! And it's simple enough even for a beginner to do with your great pictures. I love the way you mixed the colors; it gives the necklace an almost assymetrical vibe to it.

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