DIY Wood Burned Switch Plate

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I’ve really gotten into wood burning recently. When I saw this unfinished wood switch plate I knew it would make a perfect blank canvas! I chose this peacock because the shaped worked well with the holes in the plate. If you’re new to wood burning you might want to try something easy like leaves or simple flowers.
Unfinished wood switchplate
Wood burner 
Graphite paper
Print out of image you want to burn

[Resize and print out your line drawing to fit the switch plate. (Google “free stock images” for a variety a line drawings) Place the graphite paper in between the wood and the print out. Make a pencil mark on the graphite paper to make sure you have the right side down- if you’re tracing on the wrong side of the paper your image will not transfer]
[Tape the paper around back to prevent it from slipping as you trace]
[Trace over your image]
[Once you remove the paper you’ll see your image transferred to the wood]
[Trace over the image using your wood burning tool. Tips: Use a very small tip- this ensures that your lines are detailed. Go slow. Don’t press down too hard- use slightly more pressure than if you were writing with a pencil. Make sure the heat isn’t turned up too high]

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