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Market Bag Knitting Pattern

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Get ready to knit your way to eco-friendly style with this colorful Market Bag Knitting Pattern.

Market Bag Knitting Pattern

Step into the world of sustainable style with this Market Bag Knitting Pattern! This easy-to-follow pattern is perfect for both seasoned knitters and beginners looking to add a touch of handmade charm to their everyday shopping routine. Get ready to create a versatile and eco-friendly market bag that not only carries your groceries but also makes a positive impact on the environment.


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Market Bag Knitting Pattern

Market Bag Knitting Pattern

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Country Stripes (total needed: 6 oz)
Needles: Size US 7 single point knitting needles, Size US 13 single point knitting needles
Gauge: not necessary for this project

Pattern Instructions:

Body: With smaller needles, cast on 24 sts.
Knit 5 rows.
6th row: (Right side). *(K1. P1. K1) in next st. Rep from * to end of row. (72 sts)

Change to larger needles and proceed as follows:
1st row: (Wring side). Sl1. Purl to end of row.

2nd row: Sl1. *K2tog. Do not slip sts off needle. K2togtbl into the same sts. Slip 2 sts off needle – Cluster 2tog made. Rep from * to last st. K1.
3rd row: Sl1. Purl to end of row. 4th row: Sl1. K1. * Cluster 2tog. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.
5th row: As 3rd row.
Rep 2nd to 5th rows until work from beg measures 18 ins [45.5 cm], ending with a wrong side row.

Change to smaller needles and proceed as follows:
Next row: (RS). (K3tog) 24 times. (24 sts)

Knit 5 rows. Cast off.

Handles: With right side of work facing and smaller needles, pick up and knit 30 sts along side of bag. Cast on 80 sts. 110 sts in total.

Knit 6 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS). Rep for other side. Sew sides of each handle.

Market Bag Knitting Pattern

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