Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern

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Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern- these slipper socks are knit flat which makes this pattern ideal for beginners!

If you’re new to knitting, most slipper patterns might seem intimidating. Most patterns require double point needles and intricate toe and heel shaping. The shape is created by some simple increases and decreases.

This Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern is ideal for beginner knitters or anyone looking for a fast & easy project. These slippers are knit flat on single point needles using knit and rib stitches.

These slipper socks make a great gift and they’re a quick knit that can be made in an evening!


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Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern

Yarn: Yarn Bee Fireplace Comfort yarn in Ivy Grown (1 skein)

Needles: Size US 7 single point knitting needles

Gauge: 2 inches= 8 sts.

Size: Women S/M, M/L (in parentheses)

Foot length for the S/M is 6 1/2 inches (the slippers can easily stretch another few inches)


Cast on 48 (54) sts.

Row 1: Knit across.

Row 2: K2, M1, k21 (24) , [M1, k1] twice, k21 (24), M1, k2 – 52 (58 sts)

Row 3: Knit across.

Row 4: K3, M1, k22 (25), [M1, k1] twice, k22 (25), M1, k3 – 56 (62) sts

Row 5: Knit across.

Row 6: K4, M1, k23 (26), [M1, k1] twice, k23 (26), M1, k4 – 60 (66) sts.

Row 7: Knit across.

Row 8: K5, M1, k24 (27), [M1, k1] twice, k24 (27), M1, k5 – 64 (70) sts.

Row 9: Knit across.

Row 10: K6, M1, k25 (28), [M1, k1] twice, k25 (28), M1, k6 – 68 (74) sts.

Row 11: Knit across.

Row 12: K7, M1, k26 (29), [M1, k1] twice, M1, k26 (29), M1, k7 – 73 (79 sts)


Rows 1-4: knit across.

Row 5: K24 (27), ssk, k3tog, ssk, k11 (11), k2tog, k3tog, k2tog, k24 (27) – 65 (71) sts.

Row 6: Knit across.

Row 7: K20 (23), ssk, k3tog, ssk, k11 (11), k2tog, k3tog, k2tog, k20 (23) – 57 (63) sts.

Row 8: Knit across.

Row 9: K34 (37), ssk, turn work – 56 (62) sts.

Row 10: Slip 1, k11 (11), k2tog, turn work – 55 (61) sts.

Row 11: Slip 1, k11 (11,), ssk, turn work – 54 (60) sts.

Row 12-25: Repeat Rows 10 and 11 – 40 (46) sts.

Row 26: Row 10: Slip 1, k11 (11), k2tog, turn work – 39 (45) sts.

Row 27: Slip 1, k11 (11), ssk, knit to end of row – 38 (44) sts

Row 28: K24 (27), k2tog, knit to end of row – 37 (43) sts.

Row 29-32: Knit across.


Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 5 inches. Bind off in ribbing.

Finishing the slipper boots

Fold the slippers sicks over and sew the back and the bottom of the foot seam using a mattress stitch. Weave in the ends.

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Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern

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Easy Slipper Socks Knitting Pattern

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making these cozy slipper socks knitting pattern or any of my other free knitting patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy knitting!

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