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DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

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DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover- keep animals out of your veggie beds with this easy cover!

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

One of my favorite things about spring is that I get to start gardening. I tried growing strawberries last year in one of my large beds, only to find that the birds got to them first. I think I managed to get a handful of strawberries all summer! This year I have a solution!

This cover is sturdy, protective and it allows for easy access to your plants. This cover will also protect your plants from deer and rabbits. The size I posted will work for strawberry plants. If you’d like to use it for taller plants (kale, broccoli, etc) simply make the legs longer. 

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

Supplies needed:

2 x 2 x 6 feet

1 x 4 x 8 feet

3 inch exterior screws

Deer fencing

Staple gun

Corner clamps

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

Measure the length and width of your garden box. The cover you’re building will have the same dimensions. I cut the 2 x 2s into 14 inch sections. I’m using this garden box for strawberries. If you plan on growing something taller (like lettuce), you can increase the length of the legs. 

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

Attach the corner clamps to the corners and screw the boards together at the ends. 

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

Screw the legs to the corners and the middle of the longer side. 

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

Turn the cover right side up and staple the deer fencing on to the front and sides.DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

I wanted to make sure I had easy access to my plants, so instant of stapling the fencing to the top I hooked it over screws. 

I attached a small screw at each corner and in the middle of the long sides. Then I cut the fencing to size and placed it over the screws. 

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

DIY Raised Garden Bed Cover

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