Porch Swing DIY

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Porch Swing DIYOne of the things I love most about the warm weather is working on outdoor projects. The boys and I spend a lot of time in the backyard, so my ultimate goal is to turn it into a beautiful oasis. This is a pretty lofty goal considering that this property didn’t have a single flower or blade of grass planted when I moved in! It may be a slow process, but with each DIY project, this space gets a step closer to the picture in my head. I’ve been dreaming of a Porch Swing DIY all winter, so I knew that was the first project I wanted to tackle.

There are so many benefits to DIY-ing these outdoor projects. I save money, hone my construction skills, spend quality time with Indigo and take in the beauty of nature. The downside? Working in hot, humid days! Today, I teamed up with Mission to put their Instant Cooling Gear to the test!

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Porch Swing DIY

Looking for your new favorite outdoor spot this summer? This porch swing is it!

Note: I countersank all the visible screws and filled the holes. Once a few coats of semi-transparent stain were applied, the screw holes weren’t visible at all. If you are planning on leaving the wood natural or if you’re applying a light stain, the screw heads will be visible. To avoid this, you can use pocket holes.

Supplies needed for Porch Swing DIY:

Pressure treated 2 x 4 x 8 – 5 total

Pine 1 x 4 x 8 – 4 total

3-inch exterior screws

2 ½-inch exterior screws

Wood filler

Semi-transparent exterior stain

Finish nails

Cut the wood into the following pieces:

2 x 4, 12 inches long – 2 total

2 x 4, 18 inches long – 4 total

2 x 4, 20 inches long – 4 total

2 x 4, 22 3/8 inches long – 2 total

2 x 4, 48 inches long – 3 total

1 x 4, 48 inches long – 8 total

Porch Swing DIYTo make the bottom of the swing, lay the 48-inch pieces on their side, parallel to each other. Put the 18-inch pieces on their sides to create a rectangle. Screw together using 3-inch screws. Add the other 2 18-inch pieces to the middle and screw together.

Porch Swing DIY

To make the back, lay the last 48-inch long 2 x 4 on its side. Lay 2 of the 20 inch 2 x 4s at the ends. Screw through the top of the 48-inch 2 x 4 into the 20-inch on both sides.

Porch Swing DIY

Stand the back up against the bottom. Screw together at the bottom sides. Line up the other 20-inch pieces with the middle of the joists and screw in place.

Porch Swing DIYTo make the seat, take the 1 x 4s and nail them to the bottom, leaving approximately half an inch of space between the boards.

Porch Swing DIY

Take the last 1 x 4 and screw it on to the back using the 2 ½-inch screws, 6 1/2 inches down from the top.

Porch Swing DIYTo make the armrests, screw the 12-inch 2 x 4 on to the front of the swing. Screw the 22 3/8 2 x 4 on top and from behind the swing to secure.

Fill holes and paint.

Porch Swing DIYTomorrow, I’ll show you how I built the stand and hung the porch swing. Be sure to check back!

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Porch Swing DIY

What summer projects are you excited to tackle? I’d love to hear!

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