Flat Knit Kid’s Slippers

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Flat Knit Kid’s Slippers- a beginner-friendly knitting pattern that keeps little feet warm & toasty!

Flat Knit Kid's Slippers by Gina Michele

Thank you for the great response to my Flat Knit Slippers pattern! As promised, here is the kid’s version!

These Flat Knit Kid’s Slippers can be knit with the leftover yarn from the women’s pattern. This pattern is ideal for beginner knitters or anyone looking for a fast and easy project. These slippers are knit on single point needles and there’s no complicated heel shaping. The slippers took less than an hour to make thanks to the large needles and the bulky yarn.

PS- Men’s version of this pattern is coming soon!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Kale

Needles: Size US 10 single point

Flat Knit Kid’s Slippers

Cast on 30 sts.

Knit 10 rows for little kids shoe size 1-2.

Knit 12 rows for little kids shoe size 3-4.

Bind off 8 sts (6 sts, for little kids shoe size 3-4).

Work K1, P1 ribbing until last 8 sts (6 sts), K 8 (6 sts)

Bind off 8 (6) sts.

Work the remaining 14 (16) stitches in K1, P1 ribbing for 16 rows or length to end of foot (for reference- Indigo wears a size 12 and his foot measured 6 inches) Take the tail end of yarn and thread it through the stitches. Pull tightly to close. (see finishing instructions here)

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Flat Knit Kid's Slippers by Gina Michele

Flat Knit Kid's Slippers by Gina Michele

Flat Knit Kid's Slippers by Gina Michele

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