Outdoor Chalkboard DIY- Weatherproof and Durable!

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Outdoor Chalkboard DIY- Weatherproof and Durable! Your kids will love this giant outdoor chalkboard.

Outdoor Chalkboard DIY

About a year ago I built Indigo this sandbox with a roof. I’m happy to report that he loves it and it held up beautifully through our NY winter. Indigo has really gotten into drawing lately so I thought a chalkboard would be a perfect addition to his outdoor play space. I attached this Outdoor Chalkboard DIY to the back of the sandbox, but it could just as easily be secured to a fence.

Many of the Outdoor Chalkboard DIYs I’ve seen use sheathing plywood and chalkboard paint. These materials aren’t weatherproof and wouldn’t last a season of rain/snow. Instead of plywood, I used a Hardie board. Hardie boards are cement board siding with a smooth finish and they’re very durable! They’re used as siding on houses because they’re low-maintenance and long-lasting. At $12-$14 per board, they also make an affordable DIY chalkboard!


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As for the paint, the chalkboard paint that’s sold in stores isn’t intended for outdoor use. Luckily, black exterior flat latex paint has a flat sheen that closely mimics chalkboard paint. It’s a very durable outdoor paint!

This Outdoor Chalkboard DIY can weather the elements for years of fun!

Supplies needed for Outdoor Chalkboard DIY

Pressure treated 2 x 4s

Hardie board

3 inch exterior screws

Exterior paint flat latex

Paint rollers

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Outdoor Chalkboard DIY


I leaned the Hardie board up against the sandbox posts from the back. Then I cut 2 pressure treated 2 x 4s the length of the sandbox posts. I screwed the 2 x 4s into the top and the bottom of the Hardie board on the back side.

If you’re attaching the chalkboard to a fence- use construction adhesive to adhere the board to the fence. Then, make a frame using the 2 x 4s. This will ensure that there are no visible screws through the chalkboard.

Outdoor Chalkboard DIY

After the Hardie board was secured, I painted it with the latex paint. I also added a hook to hold the chalk bucket.

Outdoor Chalkboard DIY
Outdoor Chalkboard DIY
Outdoor Chalkboard DIY

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this Outdoor Chalkboard DIY- Weatherproof and Durable, or any of my other projects, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy DIYing!

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