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Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY

October 24, 2017
Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY
[Corset, Ivy Vines]

It’s almost time for Halloween! Do you have a costume planned yet? I loved Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy costume in the Batman & Robin movie (terrible movie, but a great character!) so I wanted to show you my version.
This Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY is fast and easy to make. I found this great template while browsing around Pinterest. The original tutorial suggests using foam for the eye mask, but I thought felt was a better choice. Felt is thinner and it’s easier to mold to the face. This mask is comfortable- once it’s on you don’t even feel it!

Template print out
Green felt
Hot glue gun
Metallic green paint 

To apply: eyelash glue

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Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY

Print out the template. Cut out the eye mask and hold it over your eye to see how it fits. I found that I needed to move the point at the outside of my eye. Tape the mask to the felt. You can make any adjustments now by drawing a new line with a pen. Cut out the mask.

Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY

Flip the template over, tape down and cut out the second mask, making any adjustments as necessary for fit.

Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY

Cut out the smaller leaves. Tape them down on the felt and cut out. Flip the leaf template over and cut out the other side.

Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY
Paint the mask and let dry.

How to apply the mask:

Do one side of the mask at a time.

Apply eye makeup before the mask

Apply eyelash glue to the inner corners of the mask and the top part- do not apply glue to the part that will go over your eyebrows. 

Wait until eyelash glue becomes tacky (30 seconds-1 minute) before pressing the mask down on your face.

Hold mask down on your face until glue dries- 1-2 minutes.

Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY
Poison Ivy Costume Eye Mask DIY
Poison Ivy Halloween Costume DIY
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    slither io
    November 30, 2017 at 8:17 am

    This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!

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