Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

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Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

      Lately I’ve been more and more interested in creating video content. I have plans for knitting, small scale DIY and food videos. However, I’ve encountered a big problem- filming overhead is hard!!! Filming your hands, while trying to make something with a tripod angled oddly above you is next to impossible! After a few disastrous attempts I decided to look into overhead camera rigs. Most of the ones I saw were in the $150 price range so I decided to see if there was a cheaper alternative. Spoiler alert- there is….my Overhead Camera Mount DIY!
This overhead camera mount DIY is a must for craft, knitting and food bloggers/YouTubers!It’s made with pvc pipe which is inexpensive, sturdy and lightweight. This took me about 20 minutes to make and costs less than $15! I just filmed my first video with this mount and it worked so well! I hope you guys find this as useful as I do and expect to see more videos from me in the future!

Supplies for Overhead Camera Mount DIY

PVC pipe (2, 5 foot lengths)
PVC connectors (5 elbow, 2 “T”)
Flat head screw
Super glue

Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

Cut the pipe into the following length:

3- 14 inch sections

2- 12 inch sections

1- 23 inch section

(some of the big home improvement stores will cut the pipe for you, otherwise you can use a hand saw or miter saw)

Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

Join the pipes together, using the connectors as pictured. I super glued the corners of the stand so they would be extra secure.

Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

To attach the camera: Drill a pilot hole through the “T” connector. Using your fingers, twist the screw through the hole from inside the connector.

Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

This camera mount can easily accommodate a cell phone camera as well! All you need is a mini tripod (I bought this one from Amazon). It comes with a hole that you can screw to the camera mount.

Overhead Camera Mount DIY for $15

You’re going to want to angle the “T” connector at the base of the stand slightly back so the camera is positioned directly overhead.


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  1. What a smart idea! But it seems like it would be too light for a real camera, wouldn't it? I think my DSLR would instantly tip it over. Maybe it could be adapted for metal pipe? I might have to try that, because I have the same problem with not having a good way to shoot overhead shots and video. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Rachel- I made the camera mount to use (mainly) with my DSLR. I attached my phone to the mount for the blog pics because I wanted to use the better camera to photograph everything. I promise it doesn't tip over! The based is wide and it makes up for the weight of the camera.

    1. Can I ask what specific camera you have? Some are significantly heavier than others, as I learned when I upgraded my old Nikon to a much bigger, heavier one. I'd like to compare the weight to mine before I try to build one of these.

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