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Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

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Add a touch of classic charm to your holiday decor and warm the hearts of your loved ones with our Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern.

Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to infuse your home with festive charm and creativity, and what better way to do that than by crafting your own Christmas stockings? This Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern is here to guide you in creating timeless, handcrafted stockings that will add a touch of warmth and tradition to your holiday celebrations.

Whether you’re an experienced knitter looking for a delightful project or a beginner eager to embrace the world of knitting, this pattern offers the perfect opportunity to create personalized stockings that will become treasured heirlooms. So, grab your knitting needles and let’s embark on a joyful journey of crafting stockings that will bring a smile to your face and a touch of Christmas magic to your home.


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Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

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Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Soft White and Paddy Green (1 skein of each)
Needles: Size US 8 double point knitting needles
Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches
Skill level: Intermediate

Pattern instructions:

With the white yarn, cast on 60 sts loosely. Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles. Join in round, placing marker on first st.

Work in K2, P2 ribbing for 3 inches.

Switch to the green yarn and begin the strip pattern below.

Stripe pattern:
Green yarn- knit for 8 rounds
White yarn- knit for 2 rounds
Green yarn: knit for 4 rounds
White yarn: knit for 2 rounds

Knit the stripe pattern 2 times (32 rounds)

Work the first 2 rows of the stripe pattern (10 rounds)

For the Heel:
Working with the white yarn, slip last 15 sts from 3rd needle and first 15 sts from 1st needle onto 1 needle for heel. Leave the remaining 30 sts on 2 needles for instep. Proceed across 30 heel sts as follows:
Row 1: (RS). K29. W&T.
Row 2: K28. W&T.
Row 3: K27. W&T.
Row 4: K26. W&T.
Continue as established until there are 10 ‘unwrapped’ sts, ending on a WS row.

Next row: (RS). K11. W&T. 
Next row: K12. W&T. 
Next row: K13. W&T. 
Next row: K14. W&T.
Continue as established until all heel sts have been worked, ending on a RS row.

Starting on the 3rd stripe round, keep working in rounds as follows: 
Divide 30 heel sts onto 2 needles (15 sts each needle). Join the green yarn to 1st needle. K15. K5 from 2nd needle onto end of 1st needle. K20. Slip last 5 sts from 2nd needle onto beg of 3rd needle. K20 on 3rd needle. 60 sts are now divided as 20 sts on each needle. Place marker at beg of 1st needle to indicate beg of round.

Knit rounds #4, 1, 2 and 3 of the stripe pattern.

Shape the toe:
Round 1: With the white yarn, 1st needle: Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1. 2nd needle: K1. ssk. Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1. 3rd needle: K1. ssk. Knit to the end of the needle.
Round 2: Purl.
Rep the last 2 rounds to 28 sts. Divide sts onto 2 needles. Graft 2 sets of 14 sts tog. Weave in ends. Crochet a loop for hanging and attach pom poms.

Stripe Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

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I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern or any of my other beginner free patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, just tag me @ginamicheleblog. Happy knitting!

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