Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern

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Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern- a fun stitch that only looks complicated!

Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern

Would you believe this lacey zig zag pattern is actually pretty easy to create??? The pattern is created by using knit and purl stitches. Two types of decrease stitches are used- knit/purl 2 together (K2TOG, P2TOG) and Slip Slip Knit/Purl (SSK, SSP). SSK and SSP create a slant that mirrors knit/purl 2 together.

This lacey zig zag pattern looks great on scarves and throws. The finished project is lightweight and airy- traits usually associated with crochet items. I chose a rich, rust yarn for this scarf but it would also look great in a vibrant color for spring.

Happy knitting!

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Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Rust (2 skeins)

Needles: Size US 8 single point

Cast on 36 sts.


Row 1 (RS): *K3, K2TOG, YO, K1*

Row 2: *P2, YO, P2TOG, P2*

Row 3: *K1, K2TOG, YO, K3*

Row 4: *P4, YO, P2TOG*

Row 5: *K1, YO, SSK, K3*

Row 6: *P2, SSP, YO, P2*

Row 7: *K3, YO, SSK, K1*

Row 8: *SSP, YO, P4*

Repeat rows 1-8 for pattern. Work until piece measures 46 inches from the cast on edge. Bind off after finishing an 8th row. Make and attach tassels.

Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern

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Zig Zag Scarf Knitting Pattern

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