Stripe Ear Flap Beanie Knitting Pattern

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I’m a big fan of ear flap hats and they’re pretty easy to knit! I had some yarn leftover from various projects so I decided to create a stripe pattern. The thick yarn and large needles make this a fast knit.

Size US 10 1/2 needles
Stripes- 4 rows with Royal yarn, 4 rows with Charcoal yarn, 8 rows with Lakeside yarn. 
Cast on 52 stitches with the Royal Yarn
Row 1 (Wrong Side):
*Purl 2, knit 2; repeat from *
Row 2 (Right Side):
*Knit 2, purl 2; repeat from *
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 10 inches from beginning, ending with a wrong side row
To shape the crown 
Row 1 (Right Side):
*Knit 2, purl 2 together; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, knit 2 – 41 stitches.
Row 2 (Wrong Side)
*Purl 2, knit 1; repeat from *
Row 3:
*Knit 2, purl 1; repeat from *
Row 4:
Repeat Row 2.
Next Row:
*Knit 2 together, purl 1; repeat from *– 27 stitches.
Next Row:
Knit 1, purl 1 to end.
Next Row:
*Knit 2 together; repeat from * to end – 14 stitches.
Next Row:
Last Row:
*Knit 2 together; repeat from * to end – 7 stitches. Cut yarn leaving a long end for seaming.

EARFLAP (make 2)
Cast on 16 stitches. Work in pattern until piece measures 3 3/4 inches
Dec Row: K2tog, k6, k2tog – 14 sts.
Decrease 1 stitch at each side every other row.
Bind off when you are left with 4 sts.
Braids (make 2)

Cut 3 lengths of yarn, each 20 inches. Pull through the ends of the ear flap and fold over in the middle so you have 6 equal length strands. Divide into 3 sections and braid. Make a knot at the bottom. Trim ends.
Fold up 3 1/2 in. for brim. Sew Earflaps to sides of hat.
Weave in ends.

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