DIY trellis

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I wanted to add something pretty to the blank space between two windows at my house, so a trellis seemed like a perfect solution. This was really easy to make, took about an hour and costs around $20!

Supplies (finished trellis measures 5 1/2 feet wide X 7 1/2 feet high )

  • Cedar lumber (this lumber was bundled together at Home Depot and costs $15)
  • Wood screws 
  • Primer

1)Cut 4 pieces to measure 7 1/2 feet long (these will be the vertical boards)
2) Cut 5 pieces to measure 5 1/2 feet long (these will be the longer horizontal boards)
3) Cut 4 pieces to measure 32 inches long (these will be the shorter horizontal boards)

[Lie the vertical pieces of wood flat on the ground spaced 16 1/2 inches apart. Working from the bottom up screw on the horizontal boards. The spacing between the horizontal boards is 7 1/2 inches]
[When you are finished building the trellis, prime the bottom of the posts that will go in the ground. This will prevent the wood from rotting. Attach the top of the trellis to your house using a screw and some wire]
[I planted Morning Glory and Ivy. I think it’s going to look so pretty once they grow in!]
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