crop top [knitting pattern]

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I really love crop tops paired with high waist skirts. I had some cotton yarn handy so I decided to knit one. I wanted to keep the shape simple so I used this crop top as an inspiration. The self striping yarn makes the prettiest colors!
Sizes XS (bust 32″), S (bust 34″), M (bust 36″), L (bust 38″)
Yarn– Sugar N” Cream Stripes (Country Stripes) 2- 4 oz. skeins (for Medium and Large sizes you will need 3- 4 oz. skeins)
Needles– Size US #9 and US #10 1/2
Gauge– 4 stitches = 1 inch on 10 1/2 needles
Pattern Stitch– Row 1: K 1, *with yarn in back, sl 1, k1: repeat from *. Row 2: Purl. Repeat these  rows for pattern

Back: With #9 needles cast on 67 (71-75-79) stitches. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 1 inch. Change to #10 1/2 needles and work in pattern until pieces measures 7″ from beginning or desired length to underarm. Armholes: Bind off 5 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. Dec 1 stitch each and every other row 5 times [47 (51-55-59) sts]. Work even until armholes are 5″ (5 1/4″, 5 1/2″, 5 3/4″). Neck: Work 14 (15-16-17) sts. attach another ball of yarn, bind off center 19 (21-23-25), work to end of row. At each neck edge dec 1 stitch every row 6 times and at the same time, when armholes are 6 1/2″ (6 3/4″-7″-7 1/4″), Shape Shoulders: At each arm edge bind off 8 (9-10-11) sts. once

Front: With #9 needles cast on 69 (73-77-81) stitches. Work same as back until armholes measure 3 1/2″ (3 3/4″-4-4 1/4″) [49 (53-57-61) sts.] Neck: Work 16 (17-18-19) sts, attach another all of yarn, bind off center 17 (19-21-23) sts., work to end of row. At each neck edge dec 1 stitch every row 4 times; then every other row 4 times and, at the same time, when arm holes are same as back Shape Shoulders: at each arm edge bind off 8 (9-10-11) sts once.

Finishing: Sew together a side and shoulder seams.

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  1. I hope to make this top but as I do not have a waist as such, please note it can be worn over a simple shift style dress and look elegant in the right yarn. A yarn with sequins or metallic sheen would look quite glamorous if one is my shape, rounded. A thicker yarn and needles would automatically make a larger size easily if the sums are right.

    Thank you for this versatile pattern which can be adapted to various body shapes.

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