Baby Headphone Hat [knitting pattern]

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Baby Headphone Hat [knitting pattern]

I wanted to do a different take on the traditional ear flap hat and then the idea hit me- headphones! This pattern is uses a combination of knitting and crochet (for the earphone part) and it’s beginner friendly. The finished hat is fun & cute and it will be sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!
Lion Brand Gold Leaf Yarn 
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Black
Size 11 circular knitting needle- 16 inch
Crochet Hook “J” 
Yarn needle 
Fiber fill
Size 12-24 months
Free Knitting Pattern
With the circular needles-
Cast on 34 sts. Join chain together and put a marker at the beginning of the row. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 1 1/2 inches. Switch to Garter Stitch and work until piece measures 6 inches from the cast on row.
To shape the crown:
Knit together across the row until you are left with 17 sts.
Next row: K1, *K1 Knit 2 together*, repeat across row (12 sts)
Next row: K1, then knit 2 together across row (6 sts)
Last row: *K1, Knit 2 together*, repeat across row (4 sts)
Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Thread through stitches on the last row, pull to secure and make a knot

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The circular headphone pieces are crocheted. Make 4.
Round 1- Crochet 6 sts
Round 2- Make two stitches into each stitch of round 1 — an increase into every stitch.
Round 3-  Make two stitches into the first stitch of the previous round, one stitch into the next. Repeat this pattern — an increase into every other stitch.
Round 4- Make two stitches into the first stitch of the previous round, then one stitch into the next two stitches. Repeat all the way around — that’s an increase every third stitch.
For a detailed tutorial showing how to crochet a flat circle visit-
Place one circle on top of another and sew together around the edges
 Before you reach the end, stuff a small amount of fiber fill inside and sew close
With the straight needles, cast on 5 sts. Work in Garter stitch until piece measures 11 1/2 inches. Bind off.
Place the band above the top of the ribbing on the hat. Place the circle on top. Using a yarn needle, sew the headphones on
Note- It’s not necessary to sew the band along the length of the hat. Sewing it down at each end (under the circles) will secure it enough.
Baby Headphone Hat [knitting pattern]
Baby Headphone Hat [knitting pattern]
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