DIY Butterfly Wreath

March 7, 2016

DIY Butterfly Wreath- add a pop of color to your door with this nature-inspired wreath!

DIY Butterfly Wreath

I found these beautiful butterflies in the floral section of Michaels and they were just too pretty to pass up! I knew they would be perfect for a spring grape vine wreath. This DIY Butterfly Wreath was so easy to make and (excluding the drying time for the paint) it only took about 15 minutes.

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Supplies for DIY Butterfly Wreath

Grape vine wreath
White spray paint
Butterflies (large and small)

DIY Butterfly Wreath

Spray paint the grape vine wreath white. It will need a few coats. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly between the coats. Spray the wreath at different angels to make sure all the areas are covered.

DIY Butterfly Wreath

The butterflies are attached to thin wires which make it easy to secure them to the wreath. No glue is necessary.

DIY Butterfly Wreath

Stick the metal end through the wreath and weave it around the vines to secure.

DIY Butterfly Wreath

Alternate the larger butterflies with the smaller ones. Place them in the center and at the inner and outer edges of the wreath.

DIY Butterfly Wreath



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