Chunky Loop Scarf [crochet pattern]

December 3, 2015
Chunky Loop Scarf Crochet Pattern by Gina Michele

Every since becoming a mom I’ve been all about fast & easy patterns! I came across this huge crochet hook and I knew it would be perfect for a chunky infinity scarf. I used super bulky Cobbles yarn which is lightweight but still so warm. This pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters because you only need to know how to make a chain and a double chain.
Yarn: Cobbles Yarn in Moon Rock and Winter White (1 skein of each)
Crochet Hook 25mm
(72 inch circle, 10 inches wide)
With the Moon Rock color, Chain 50. Join ends together making sure the chain isn’t twisted. Double crochet all around for 4 rows. Switch to Winter White and crochet for 4 more rows. Knot and weave in end.

Chunky Loop Scarf Crochet Pattern by Gina Michele
Chunky Loop Scarf Crochet Pattern by Gina Michele
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