Super Chunk Cowl [knitting pattern]

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      I love chunky knits so when I saw these Size 35 (!) knitting needles I bought them immediately! I’ve never worked with such large knitting needles before. They took some getting used to- it kind of felt like knitting with broomsticks! After a few rows I got the hang of it and I love the giant knit the large needles achieve. Another great thing- your projects knit up so fast! 
     I decided to create a simple cowl knitting pattern. When it comes to working with giant needles, the basic designs work better than intricate patterns. Hope you like it! 

Yarn (2 skeins)  Needles: 

Free Knitting Pattern
Cast on 34 stitches. Work in Stockinette Stitch (knit one side, purl the other) until piece measures 13 inches. Bind off and sew the side seam.

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