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DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

September 14, 2020

DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox- turn a couple of foam pumpkins into this adorable , woodland creature!

DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

Craft pumpkins are great because they’re versatile and you can use them year after year. I usually paint mine, but this year I wanted to do something different.

This decorative fox is made by gluing 2 craft pumpkins on top of each other. Then the face and chest are painted on using acrylic paint. A scarf is added (either knit or ribbon) to hide the seam and finally, a fluffy tail is made.

This little guy will look great sitting on your bookcase or mantel. Best of all, he can be brought out year after year!

DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

Supplies needed:

2 craft pumpkins (I used the 6 1/2 inch size)


Acrylic paint in black, white, orange and burnt sienna

Ribbon or knit section for scarf

Orange and white acrylic yarn (I used #5 bulky weight)

Pet brush or any other short bristle brush

No Carve Fox Pumpkin

Turn the pumpkin over. Using a knife carefully cut a hole in the bottom. This is so the top of the stem on the other pumpkin can fit inside.

DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

Put glue on the bottom pumpkin and stack them together. Let dry.

There will be a visible seam once the pumpkins are stacked. After I was finished making the fox, I hid it by knitting a scarf. You could also tie ribbon around the neck.

Begin painting the fox face and chest. This is the basic outline.

You’ll need to build up a few coats (especially with the white) to make it more opaque.

Use short stokes with the paintbrush to mimic fur.

Add the eyes, nose and mouth. I used a marker for the fine lines like the mouth, around the eyes and the detail on the fur.

To make the fox tail:

Take 4 strands of yarn and cut them so they measure 18 inches long. Fold in half and make a knotted loop at the top.

Braid the yarn and make a knot at the end. Trim excess yarn.

Cut 3 sections of yarn that measure 8 inches. Using a crochet hook, lift up part of the braid and loop through. Pull ends through the loop and pull to tighten. Brush the yarn in short strokes using a pet brush. This will unravel it and make it fluffy.

(Note- the yarn will shed when you’re brushing it. This is normal.)

Repeat looping and brushing out the yarn. Use the white yarn at the end of the tail.

Make a hole in the back of the pumpkin and push the knot at the end of the tail in. (I used a pencil to help force it in.)

DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

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DIY Craft Pumpkin Fox

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