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How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

August 13, 2020

This post “How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank” is sponsored by on behalf of Mars Fish Care and the API brand.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

After a recent trip to the aquarium, my 5-year-old has become obsessed with fish. He started begging me for a fish tank, but I was hesitant. I never cared for fish before and I had no idea what to do! I teamed up with Mars Fish Care to learn how to step up a family aquarium and care for our new pet fish.

API® is the pioneer brand in the aquatics industry for close to 60 years. They helped us get started by sending us all the essentials to get our tank started. They also provided us with a super-informative virtual fish care event hosted by Gary Jones, Manager of Industry Relations, and self-proclaimed fish nerd.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

The first step was to rinse the gravel and arrange it at the bottom of the fish tank.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

Next add the water, filter, heater, plants, and decorations into the tank. Turn on the heater and the filter and make sure they are working properly.

Water temperature is very important for fish. The ideal temperature for tropical fish is 76° to 80°F.

Next, we added the API products. Here are some of the ones we used:

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

API® QUICK START is a must-have when setting up a fish tank. It may be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. QUICK START nitrifies bacteria allowing for the instant addition of fish, as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle with beneficial bacteria, which converts toxic ammonia into nitrite, then into harmless nitrate to help prevent fish loss in your tank.

API® QUICK START is also great to use after water changes and filter changes, and when adding new fish to an existing aquarium.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

API® STRESS ZYME was next on the list. STRESS ZYME may be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. This product is a bacterial cleaner that contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful to consume sludge and reduce aquarium maintenance and keeps the environment clean. 

Adding this as part of your aquarium cleaning routine ensures that your tank has an active biological filter which leads to a cleaner aquarium, healthier fish, and good water quality.

API® STRESS COAT is a water conditioner that makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals from tap water. It also contains Aloe Vera to reduce fish stress by up to 40% and to heal damaged tissue and wounds.

STRESS COAT should be used when: handling, netting, or adding fish to a bag for the trip home from the store, starting an aquarium, performing monthly water changes, or when adding new fish to your aquarium.

API® 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS are the quick and easy way to test the aquarium water to ensure it is safe for your new pet fish. They test for the 5 most important aquarium water parameters – pH, KH, GH, nitrate, and nitrite – in one easy step.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

Just dip one test strip directly into the aquarium and match the colors on the strip to the color card provided to help prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish. Each kit also includes detailed information on how to interpret the test results and correct unsafe water conditions.

How to Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank

The aquarium set up was faster and easier than I thought it would be. The whole process took about 15 minutes. My son loved picking out his new fish and he was eager to learn how to care for his new pets!

Here are some tips to help children take care of fish:

Our family aquarium has been a great addition to the home! I often catch him sitting on his bed, watching the fish swim around. It also helps my son learn responsibility since it’s his job to care for the fish.

You can check out the API® website for more info about aquarium setups and where to purchase the products.

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