7 Simple Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep

October 8, 2019

7 Simple Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep- make these easy changes today for a better sleep tonight!

7 Simple Changes for a Better Night's Sleep

Isn’t it awful when sleep eludes you? When you are lying in bed, staring at the clock, thinking “If I sleep now, I’ll have 4 hours” getting so stressed out and wound up because you can’t sleep that suddenly that four has become three, and then two, and when you finally manage to doze off what feels like seconds before your alarm.

Sometimes, our lack of sleep has a clear reason. You might be worried about something that you’ve got to do the next morning, or struggling to sleep because you are ill and uncomfortable. But, on other occasions, you just can’t sleep. There’s no obvious reason. Sleep just doesn’t come. Today I’m going to share 7 Simple Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep that will hopefully get you back on track.

Being tired is horrible. Life seems harder, the more tired we get, the harder we find it to sleep, and suddenly you are exhausted all of the time. Also, let’s not forget how cranky a lack of sleep makes us! Fortunately, there are usually a few small lifestyle changes that you can make to help you to get a better night’s sleep. 

7 Simple Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep

Stick to a Bedtime

Our bodies and minds quickly adjust to things. We get used to routines and start to expect them. You might get hungry at around the same times every day if you are used to eating then, and if you have a regular bedtime, you might find that you start to feel sleepy at this time. Having a bedtime can help you to switch off and fall asleep more easily. 

Make Small Diet Changes

Your diet might be having a significant impact on your ability to sleep. Avoid any sugary snacks late at night, which may give you an energy boost, try eating dinner early, so that your body has a chance to digest before you go to bed. If that doesn’t work, try thc e juice which might help you to feel relaxed and reduce tension. 

Avoid Caffeine

You probably already know that caffeine before bed is a mistake. But, did you know that caffeine affects us all differently? Some people can’t have caffeinated drinks after lunch, and some are better off avoiding it entirely.

Go For a Walk

Exercise is one of the best things that you can do if you want to sleep better. But we haven’t always got time to spend hours at the gym. Try going for a short walk after dinner, even if you only have time to go around the block. It should be noted that intense exercise right before bed can have the opposite effect and keep you up. 

Ban Phones in the Bedroom

Having your phone charging next to you doesn’t often help. You might find yourself tempted to check the time or even to go on social media if you are awake. Leave your phone in another room, and you might sleep better. 

Limit Other Technology

Other technology, like TVs and computers in your bedroom, can also be a mistake. Try to see your bedroom as a space to relax and to sleep, but nothing more, and the atmosphere might be more conducive to switching off. 

Leave Work at Work

Worrying about work, thinking about what we’ve got to do, or getting wound up about something that happened during the day is a common reason for lack of sleep. But, leaving work at work is harder than we would like. When you first get home, talk about your day, and then close the door on it until the next morning.

I hope you found these 7 Simple Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep helpful!

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