4 Tips for Fall Fitness

October 3, 2019

4 Tips for Fall Fitness- start the season off on the right track!

4 Tips for Fall Fitness

When you set out to make a change in terms of your overall health and fitness, you don’t exactly approach it looking to make minimal progress. Your idea is that you’ll become almost an entirely new person. Getting from this position to a new position in terms of your fitness takes a lot of work and dedication, however. It’s not just a case of changing up a few things.

The words ‘hard work’ and ‘dedication’ are often met with a little hesitation as they seem to be clouded in pain and negativity. You can rest assured, however. The hard work is actually that hard, and the dedication just means you need to switch a bunch of things up for an extended period!  

The world of fitness isn’t difficult to navigate through once you’ve figured out the basics. It’s always over complicated due to the science and the various contradictions around, but it’s completely straightforward once you know what YOU want to do. Are you hoping to smoothly glide through your fitness journey and achieve all of your fitness goals with consummate ease? Of course, you are. Here are a 4 Tips for Fall Fitness:

4 Tips for Fall Fitness

Actually Look Into What You’re Doing 

You’re not exactly going to get very far if you don’t know what you’re heading into, are you? Thankfully, working out and eating correctly are two very basic facets of life, so you can’t possibly get it wrong. Once you’ve had a little look at the basics, you should probably then decide what you want out of your journey. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to look like? Once you have an idea, then you can really push on with a clear picture. 

Write Out A Plan

Again, heading into a gym or heading out onto the street without a plan will mean that you’re pretty much winging it throughout the entire time. Write out certain exercises that you want to do. Log down your progress. Really make this into a big project. You more you write down, the more knowledge you’re going to receive, too. 

Cut Out The Smokes

If you like a cigarette or two, then you’re going to find it a lot harder. It’s common knowledge that smoking causes all kinds of problems, but, if you’re trying to get in much better shape, then they’re only going to hinder your progress even more. Sure, it’s difficult to quit, but if you really want to hit the heights that you’re dreaming of, then the glass pipes and roll-up cigs are going to have to be discarded! 

Drink A Little Less

The same applies to your drinking habits. A drinking session every now and again will be okay – everyone’s allowed a cheat day – but if you’re frequently getting on the beverages, then you’ll need to cut that out ASAP. Alcohol not only has heaps of calories, but it also promotes the building of fat in your body. You’ll also feel a lot more sluggish than if you had stayed sober – you need energy and that drive to achieve what you’re trying to reach!

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