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Signs of Aging and How to Address Them

July 4, 2019

Signs of Ageing and How to Address Them

Are you worried about the signs of age? We all are. No one wants to grow old while they still feel young. No one wants to look in the mirror and start to notice the common signs of age. However, this does feel like something of an inevitability. Eventually, your skin will show the first signs of wrinkles, lines will develop around your eyes, your body will change and your teeth will yellow. No one stays young forever but some do stay younger for longer. To do this, you need to think about the common signs of aging. I’m going to share some points of beauty that people see as factors to determine someone’s age and what you can do to slow or reverse the aging process. 

Your Teeth

One of the biggest giveaways of your age is certainly your teeth. When you are young, your teeth will typically be beautifully white and, if you are lucky, straight. This is a tell-tale sign of youth. If you have beautifully straight, white teeth, then you are going to look a lot younger compared to yellow or paling teeth that appear crooked. You might already have issues with your teeth that you definitely want to fix. Perhaps your teeth are a little crooked. 

If that’s the case then you might want to consider adult orthodontics. People often assume that going to see an orthodontist is usually something that you do in your teens and it can be, but it’s not always the case. You might want to go see one when you’re a lot older. This could be due to the fact that you have always had crooked teeth or because after treatment they reverted. This can happen if you don’t continue to use your retainer. 

Adults are often put off visiting an orthodontist because they think that it will be expensive, noticeable and irritating. However, this isn’t always the case. For minor issues, you can consider options like Invisalign. This provides the solution you need without anyone knowing you are wearing braces. Alternatively, the device can be fitted at the back of your teeth, completely out of sight and treatment can take just a few months. 

The color of your teeth can also make you look older than you actually are. If you have quickly yellowing teeth you might want to think about visiting a dentist. They can provide you with advice on how to make sure that your teeth remain white or potentially offer a solution for a specific tooth problem. Be aware tooth decay will cause your teeth to look worse for wear and eventually lead you to need to dentures. A dentist can help you avoid this completely. 

Your Eyes 

Signs of Ageing and How to Address Them

Your eyes are one of the other areas where the signs of aging become more apparent. In particular, you might notice that you start to develop crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are the little lines around the corner of your eye. They become more clear and apparent when you smile which is lovely because it means when you’re happy you suddenly look older. Of course, this isn’t the only place where you might get wrinkles. You could notice them around the edge of your mouth or across your forehead. A lot of people don’t realize that wrinkles develop sooner than we think. Indeed, it’s possible that your first wrinkles do appear while you are still in your twenties. This is a worrying and a rather disappointing fact of life. 

So, what causes wrinkles? Well, you are more likely to get wrinkles if you have left your skin unprotected from the sun or if you are stressed. Yes, stress will certainly take its toll on your body as well as your skin. So, if you want to make sure that you are not showing this clear sign of age, de-stress and protect your skin from the power of the sun. Yes, this could be as simple as using sunscreen regularly. 

However, it is possible that the signs have already started to appear. If that’s the case, then you could be curious about the best treatment options. If you are looking for home treatment, then red light therapy could be the best option. Red light therapy can be used to reduce marks across the skin as well as increase the generation of collagen. If you don’t know, collagen is the natural hormone which maintains skin elasticity. 

Signs of Ageing and How to Address Them

There are various different types of red light therapy available on the market. As such, it is certainly worth exploring the different options and finding the one that is going to be right for you. You can get devices that you set up on your dressing table. Or, you can consider one that you hold in your hand and use this way. It’s entirely up to you which option you choose but some are more effective than others so make sure that you explore the reviews. 

Your Hair

Signs of Ageing and How to Address Them

The last pain point of age that you should consider is your hair. It’s often assumed that only men have to worry about thinning or even balding hair, but this isn’t quite true. Women can experience this issue as well, particularly as they age. You might eventually look in the mirror and discover that your parting has grown. Now, there are a few things to note here. First, you shed about a hundred hairs every day naturally so don’t worry about noticing a few falling out here and there. Second, hair loss is not always related to age and instead can be a sign of an issue with your thyroid. That’s why if it comes on suddenly your first point of call should be a doctor. If it is a sign of age do consider how often you wash it. Washing your hair too much will kill the natural oils and cause it to grow less. This can lead to the signs of thinning associated with age. If you have already noticed damage, you can use bamboo oil shampoo and similar products to reverse the impact. 

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