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How To Learn With The Internet As Your Teacher

July 9, 2019

There are a lot of different things you have to learn throughout your life. As a very young child, you will get to grips with walking, talking, eating, and a range of other skills which will prove to be invaluable once you get older. Once you start going to school and playing with other kids, the topics being taught will broaden, but the real fun doesn’t start until your teenage years. Of course, though, throughout this time, you won’t have a real idea of what you like or want from life. Instead, you will be learning what other people tell you to learn.

Entering adulthood takes away the need for teachers and tutors, but there could still be a lot left to learn, especially if you didn’t manage to delve into subjects you like when you were younger. To help you out with this, I’m going to share some of the best ways to use the internet to gain knowledge. This can be a great way to bridge the gap between subjects, give you the chance at a new career, or even just to have some fun!


This first area is a little bit of a lie, as you won’t be teaching yourself; you’ll be searching for the resources by yourself, but they will do all of the teaching. There are loads of sites around the web which are good for this, and they all have their merits. You can find some information about the different options you have below.

Blogs: Blogging communities have exploded around the web over the last few years. With these sites making it possible for people to share their knowledge with a wider audience than ever before, a lot of very intelligent writers have started to use this platform as a way to teach. You can find blogs by simply searching for the topics you want to learn about. The most popular out there aren’t always the best, and it’s worth looking through a range of large and small blogs to make sure that you’re reading the right content.

Information-Based Sites: Alongside blogs, there are also a lot of information-based sites around the web. These resources come in a lot of different forms, from detailed articles to scholarly databases which can give you access to academic studies. You can choose who deep you want to go with this by picking a site or two which match your aims, being careful not to soak up too much too quickly; it’s easy to burn yourself out with learning.

Tutorials/Videos: Since the dawn of YouTube, the world of video making and content creation has changed an awful lot. There are a huge amount of videos to be found on these websites, and a lot of people are uploading to them all the time. Once you find a channel which appeals to you in the subject you want to learn about, it makes sense to stick with them. Content creators on YouTube often stick together, and this makes it easier to find other videos which give you the information you want without having to look too far.

Learning like this is great because it gives you flexibility. You will be able to choose exactly what you want to learn, and will never have to go through things which you don’t like. Of course, though, alongside this, this means that you have to be willing to challenge yourself. You won’t have anyone to help you when you don’t understand something, and you certainly won’t get any certificates out of this. Before you pick this one, it’s worth reading about your other options first.

Online Qualifications

Distance learning isn’t exactly a new thing, with schools around the world offering this kind of tuition. In the past, though, the information would be sent in the mail, and this would be a slow and drawn out process. Nowadays, you can study for a range of qualifications on the web, and you can take a number of different approaches to it. Some take longer than others, but this usually means that you’ll get more out of it in the end.

Specialized Certificates: You can find a range of different specialized subjects being taught across the web. If you want to learn about photography, games design, and just about any other niche or creative subject, you will be able to find a company which teaches that and only that. Before picking an example like this, it’s well worth doing some research to make sure that the company you choose is good at teaching their subject and will give you a qualification which employers will recognize.

Online Schools: Alongside specialized companies which only operate online, you will also find whole schools which don’t have any real classrooms. These websites will usually have fewer options than a proper school, but will also be a little cheaper and more flexible with the way that you can learn. This is also an option which needs to be researched.

Proper Schools: Finally, as the last online qualification to look at, proper schools across the world have started offering their degrees to students who want to learn over the web. An online degree in business administration (MA), for example, could help you to start your own business or work for a very large company, without having to step foot in a school. This will be more challenging than a lot of the other options out there but will provide you with an education which can be applied to a real career, and this is something worth considering.

Going down a path like this is a great way to make your resume look distinct. Even if your course isn’t hugely relevant to the job you’re applying for, employers will be impressed to see that you’ve been able to get through an online course. This will cost a lot more than teaching yourself, though, and this is something which will make it hard for some people to go down this route.

How To Choose

Picking the best option out of all of these is something which you have to do for yourself. You need to think about the type of learning which will suit you best, the goals you will have once you’ve completed your education and the affordability of it all. The research will help to iron out the bits which you find confusing or can’t decide one, with testimonials from real students being perfect when you’re looking at different types of online courses. Most people struggle to learn online, and this is thanks to the freedom it gives them. If you pick something which you really like, though, it should be easy to sink into doing it all the time, even if this means investing your spare time.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to begin your online education. Most people don’t learn much once they’ve left school, instead going into jobs which don’t challenge them and don’t give much room for improvement. This is something which is easy to avoid if you have the time for it, though. If you need more help with this, most of the online schools you can find will be happy to talk to you. This makes it easier to figure out what you want out of your learning, while also giving you the chance to learn about the schools on offer. As time goes on, the field of online education is only going to get better.

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