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Hey Moms! Isn’t It Time To Do Something For Yourself?

June 12, 2019

When you’re a mama, it’s safe to say that your life is often spent looking after others and generally putting their needs first. And that’s fine. It’s what you sign up for! You know that your little ones are going to come first. You spend your time thinking about them and their needs, doing what’s best for them, and that’s very much what you’re happy to do. However, one thing that does tend to happen when you do this, is that you don’t overly remember to look after yourself! And that can suck! Because you may find that you don’t always feel great or that you’re maybe not even looking after your health as much as you should be! And so, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing what you can to take good care of yourself to. But that’s not all.

As a parent, it’s just natural for you to want to think about others and not yourself. Some even say it’s just in a woman’s nature. However, you’re a person too and you deserve to do things you love and be happy. Whether this is in the form of achieving your own personal goals, enjoying your life, or even doing things that are great for your mind, body, and soul. Yes, you’re a great mom when you do the best for your kids. But you’ll become an even better mom when you do things for yourself, and you’re happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


First of all, you may find that you just want to travel. And the best thing is, this is something that you can do with your kids. Maybe you’re a free spirit and you want to travel the world with them? What’s stopping you? Or maybe you want to write up your travel bucket list and start ticking things off, with family trips, solo adventures, and vacations with friends! You deserve the break, so welcome travel with open arms.

Enjoy More Free Time

The next thing that you might want to do is a lot simpler, but it’s also something that really does help you to gain back a little slice of you. It’s to enjoy more time for yourself! Because if you’re always with the kids or doing chores, you are going on break at some point. You need time to read or relax or just generally feel much more balanced.


Another really great thing for you to do is to think about pampering yourself a lot more. A simple bath or putting on a mask can really help you to feel renewed and refreshed. And when you do feel like that, you may then find that you’re able to go back to your other duties feeling much happier and energized.

Go Back To School

Have you always wanted to change careers? Or maybe you’re thinking of going back to work now, but you want to do something different? When that’s the case, you may find that going back to school is exactly what you want to do. This can help you to feel stimulated intellectually and create a path for the future that you find much more fulfilling.

Be Creative

The next thing that you may find helps you here, is trying to be a bit more creative. Do you love to write or draw or craft – or even just be creative in general? When this is the case, you may want to spend more time coming up with ideas, using something such as MindNode to help you. Sometimes, you may find that you’re able to really boost your happiness in life when you pursue a passion you’ve always had. So get those ideas flowing.

Learn A Language

From here, you may even want to learn a language! Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn French, or you would love to be able to have conversational Spanish? When that’s the case, you could think about getting language training. You can do this online, join a class, or get a tutor. Either way, that little bit of time for you can feel rewarding.

Join A Group

The next thing might be to join a specialist interest group. As moms, we don’t always get the social interaction time that we need and it can be hard. But when you join a group and you regularly meet up with others that have the same interests as you, you can combat that. From a book group to a music group, there are lots that you could think about joining here.

Try A Sport

Maybe you want to be able to exercise more efficiently or take care of your health? Then you definitely need to think about trying out a new sport. And there really is no age limit on this. A lot of the time, unless you’ve found a particular passion in your teens, you can feel as if you don’t have one. But you can always learn a new sport in life, and if you find that you absolutely love it, it can be really exciting for you.

Spend Time With Others

And then, you really can’t beat the idea of spending time with others. Maybe you want to be able to have regular dates with your girlfriends? Or you want to see your parents on the weekends? It’s so important to spend time with others and feel socially fulfilled, so make more time to do so.


Finally, you may even want to start dating. And this can be in two ways. It may be that you and your partner need to spend more time together – so why not have quality time with date nights? Or if you are a single Mom right now, maybe it’s your turn to date? You deserve to be happy, and if you want to meet someone new, then it could be time. So try not to worry so much about it, just go with it and see who you meet!

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