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Jiobit- Always Know Your Child is Safe

June 14, 2019

Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit- the location monitor like no other!

Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit

The beautiful weather is here and with it brings a flurry of outdoor activities. Our summer days are filled with trips to the beach, the playground, the petting zoo, carnivals, etc. Indigo is a very independent child and if not watched, he has the tendency to wander off. As he gets older he also spends more time away from me (school, field trips, camp) and it gives me piece of mind to know he’s ok. I’ve been considering trying a location tracker so I was excited to partner with Jiobit.

What is Jiobit?

Jiobit is a small location monitor that lets you see your child’s real-time location from anywhere at anytime.

It allows parents to keep track of departure and arrival notifications to and from home, school or other trusted locations.

Not only will you know WHERE your child is, but WHO they’re with.

Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
How does Jiobit work?
1) Live Mode – This will allow you to see the child’s location in real time, like watching an Uber picking you up.
TIP: If you are connected to Jiobit over Bluetooth or if it is in a configured Trusted Place, Live Mode is not available since the Jiobit is inherently in a trusted environment. To use Live Mode, make sure you’re not connected over Bluetooth and that Jiobit is outside of a Trusted Place. For more, visit this link.
Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
2) Trusted Places – You’ll be able to set up geofences and be alerted when the child enters/leaves these trusted locations.
TIP: If you set up a Trusted Place while in that particular location, you will not receive an alert until Jiobit leaves that location and re-enters. The device first has to “learn” that location and then subsequently will send you alerts. For more, visit this link.
3) Care Team – Know WHO your child is with and not just where they are by adding caregivers to your Care Team. Your Care Team will also have access to your child’s location when necessary.
TIP: In order for you to see what Care Team member the Jiobit is with, the other party will need Bluetooth turned on. In iOS, this is enabled by clicking the Bluetooth icon in Control Center by swiping up on any screen. No other pairing is necessary. For more, visit this link.
Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
Is this safe? Can random people find my child’s location?
Jiobit uses government level encryption so that only you can see your child’s GPS location.
How can Jiobit be worn?
It comes with 3 wearing options.
Laces of drawstrings can be inserted through the Built In Loop.
Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
The Hem Lock Clip can attach the device to waistbands. The clip holds really well. I was worried that the device was going to fall off, but the clip stood up to all kinds of activity and never budged!
Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
Use Secure loop to attach to button holes or belt loops.
Always Know Your Child is Safe with Jiobit
Other Jiobit features:
Kid-proof Design
Waterproof- fully submersible for up to 30 minutes
Stands up to messes and playtime.
Can survive a cycle in the washing machine.
Long Lasting Battery
Battery lasts up to 1 week – no need to charge daily.
Jiobit is also available for pets!
My Experience with Jiobit
Indigo has been wearing Jiobit every time he leaves the house and I love it! It’s reassuring to know that all I have to do is look at my phone and I know his exact location. I’ve been recommending Jiobit to every mom I know!
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