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5 Ways to Tackle Stress This Evening

June 11, 2019

5 Ways to Tackle Stress This Evening- simple ways to shake off bad vibes!

5 Ways to Tackle Stress This Evening

Had a stressful day? Or feel like you’re constantly stressed about something? You’re going to wear yourself down if you don’t do anything about it. After a stressful day, it’s important that you chill out and take steps to tackle your stress, helping you to improve your mental health while also making sure you start the new day feeling refreshed and energized.

Take a look at these five ways you can tackle stress this evening.

1. Take a bath

There’s something about a nice long soak in the tub that can help to melt your stresses away and make you feel instantly relaxed. Taking a bath is a great way to spend some time on yourself, treating yourself to a hair mask, a facial and doing nothing else but chilling out. You could try embracing some aromatherapy oils or products from Rooted Apothecary to help you relax further. Set aside some time for yourself and help calm your body and mind.

2. Do something you enjoy

Sometimes, a good distraction is all you need to de-stress and unwind. What are your favorite hobbies and interests? Spend some time doing something that you love and enjoy to take your mind off your stressful day and put yourself back in a great mood. Whether you love to craft or you prefer to spend time watching a box set, focus on doing nothing else this evening except something for yourself. I love to knit or read a book at to unwind.

3. Work out

Exercise is a fantastic way to relieve stress. The endorphins released during exercise can lift your mood, while the physical challenge of exercise can be a wonderful distraction. There are different ways of working out to suit all abilities, so whether you’re looking to stay fit in pregnancy or take up running for the first time, find an activity you enjoy and let it wash away your stress. Intense exercise right before bed has been known to hinder sleep, so stick to working out in the earlier part of the evening. 

4. Talk about it with someone you trust

Talking through your problems is a good way to try and resolve them. Sometimes having an outsider’s opinion can help you see things you might have missed and help you see things in a different way. A good vent and someone to provide support and comfort can be all you need to feel reassured, so don’t be scared to talk to someone you trust about your problems so that you can try and find a solution together.

5 Ways to Tackle Stress This Evening

5. Go to bed early

When you’re feeling stressed, tiredness can exacerbate things. Going to bed earlier this evening will help you feel more refreshed tomorrow, ready to take on whatever lies ahead. If you struggle to sleep, there are some effective tips to help you sleep better at night. Shut the drapes, get into your comfiest PJs and enjoy a well-earned rest. Also, putting away electronic devices an hour before bed has been proven to help you sleep better!

Feeling stressed is tough to deal with, but finding ways to cope will help your mental health and stop letting things get on top of you. Plan an evening that helps you to focus on yourself and banish those stresses for another day.

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