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Easy Twist Ponytail Video Tutorial

April 1, 2019

Easy Twist Ponytail Video Tutorial- Upgrade your basic pony!

Easy Twist Ponytail Video Tutorial

File this one under “looks complicated but is secretly really easy“.  Topsy Tails showed up under my Amazon suggestions and I bought one on a whim. I know they’re generally associated with bad late 80’s/ early 90’s hair, but it’s actually a versatile little tool! This Easy Twist Ponytail is created with a Topsy Tail and it only takes a few minutes.

Ponytails are my go-to on many days and I’m always looking for ways to make them a little more interesting. This Twist Ponytail can be dressed up or down (making it perfect for any wedding you may have to attend this spring/summer). Check out the video tutorial to see just how easy it is!

Easy Twist Ponytail Video Tutorial

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Easy Twist Ponytail Video Tutorial

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