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Our Family Goals for 2019

January 25, 2019

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over I’m looking forward to the upcoming year. I keep reading articles that say it’s better to set goals for the new year instead of resolutions. The idea is that resolutions are more finite and goals are something that we can work towards and feel happy about the progress even if the destination isn’t met. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my family goals for the new year and how we are working toward them with a little help from the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet .

Fire Kids Edition Tablets are the #1 kids’ tablets in the U.S. They come with a kid-proof bumper case and a two-year guarantee—if they break it, simply return it and Amazon will send a replacement for free, no questions asked. This tablet really is durable- Indigo has dropped it multiple times and the screen hasn’t cracked!

Downsize & Get Organized

 Blame it on all the episodes of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” I’ve watched recently, but 2019 is the year I cut out the clutter and get organized! Books take up a lot of space and if you’re an avid reader, you know that they accumulate quickly. One of my goals for 2019 is to stop buying paper books for myself and Indigo and switch to downloads. With Amazon FreeTime Unlimited kids get unlimited access to over 20,000 books, videos, Audible books, educational apps, and games that are age-appropriate and hand-curated by the FreeTime team. Think of all the bookcase space that will free up! Each tablet comes loaded with a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet

Start Teaching Indigo how to Read

Indigo turns 4 this spring so I think it’s the perfect time to give him a head start on reading. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, but luckily there are apps and games like Wonster Words ABC Phonics and Teach Your Monster to Read on FreeTime Unlimited. These apps and games make reading fun and I can take the lessons he learns and apply them to story time.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet 

Take more Mini Road Trips

I’m planning several mini road trips with the boys for the warmer months. After being cooped up indoors this winter, we’re ready for adventure! If Indigo gets restless on the car rides, the Fire Kids Edition can provide an educational and entertaining distraction. One of the great things about the Fire Kids Edition is the Offline Mode. The FreeTime Unlimited content can be downloaded so it’s available offline. This feature comes in handy when an internet connection isn’t available. Plus, it’s so easy to download, even kids can do it. Simply long press the title while connected to Wi-Fi. FreeTime will automatically start Offline Mode when the tablet is disconnected from Wi-Fi or put into Airplane Mode, at which point the downloaded content will be visible in FreeTime.

Start studying a second language

Research shows that kids have an easier time becoming bilingual than adults do. This year I would like for Indigo to start learning the basics of Italian. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Fire Kids Edition offers games, apps, and books geared to helping kids learn a new language (everything from Spanish to Arabic!).

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet

Finally, put your mind at ease with parental controls. Most parents I’ve spoken with are hesitant to buy their child a tablet because they’re worried about questionable content. I can relate! Anytime Indigo has managed to snag my phone he’s managed to find an age-inappropriate video. The Parental Control settings in FreeTime solve this problem! Parents can set time limits, adjust age filters, enable/disable web browser access, and choose whether to allow in-app purchasing. Parents can also use the Parent Dashboard to review the digital content their kids are using in FreeTime, determine how to manage time limits and educational goals, and remotely adjust their child’s FreeTime settings. Parental Control gives me peace of mind because I don’t have to stand over Indigo’s shoulder every few minutes to make sure he isn’t watching something questionable.

Amazon Fire Kids

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet (Amazon’s best-selling kids’ tablet)is available for $129.99. It features an 8” HD display, quad-core processor, 32 GB of storage with up to 400 GB of expandable storage via a microSD card slot, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet

You can see some of our favorite features in this video-

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