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Easy Dripping Skull Makeup (with only white face paint and eyeliner!)

October 29, 2018

Easy Dripping Skull Makeup- a spooky last minute Halloween Costume. All you need is white face paint and black eyeliner!

Easy Dripping Skull Makeup

If you’ve checked out the Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and social media you’ve seen the amazing transformations!!!  The end results are Hollywood-quality and the artists are seriously talented. Let’s face it though…most of us can’t replicate those looks at home. If you don’t have hours to spend or hundreds of dollars worth of FX makeup, you can still achieve a fun, creepy look with this Easy Dripping Skull Makeup tutorial!

This look is perfect for a last minute costume and it only requires white face paint and black eyeliner (I used both Kohl and liquid). It only takes around 15 minutes and it doesn’t require any fancy makeup skills.

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Easy Dripping Skull Makeup

Use a brush with stiff, short bristles to apply the white paint in a dripping pattern. You can use a large brush to apply the white face to the rest of your face.

Easy Dripping Skull Makeup

Draw around your nose with the Kohl eyeliner and fill in with the liquid eyeliner.

Easy Dripping Skull Makeup

Use the Kohl eyeliner to roughly sketch out the mouth. I used my own teeth as a guide to make sure the placement was accurate.

Use the Kohl eyeliner to trace over the drip lines. Go back with the liquid liner to add detail and dimension to the lines. A few coats of liquid liner (letting it dry in between applications) will create crisp, dark lines.

Go back with a cotton swab coated in white paint to add more paint to the “teeth” and the drips. This will make them really stand out.

Easy Dripping Skull Makeup

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