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Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

October 9, 2018

Devil Horns Hair Tutorial- a chic alternative to plastic headbands!

Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

If you plan on dressing up as a devil this Halloween, forget the faux fur or sequin horns and try this hairstyle instead!

This Devil Horns Hair Tutorial uses bun makers to shape the horn and add a lot of volume. The key to getting this style to hold is the texturing spray. Silky hair will keep sliding off the bun maker. Clear hair elastics wrapped down the length of the horn, will not only give you a great shape, but it will also keep the style in place.

Supplies needed:

2 Bun makers (if you have thin/short hair, you can use the mini bun makers instead. The horns will be smaller but the effect will be the same)

Bobby pins

Small clear elastics

Texture spray

Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

Take a 3 inch wide section of hair at the top of your head and twist the bun maker around it. Twist it around 3 times so it’s tight. Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

Take the hair and loosely wrap it around the bun maker, starting at the top. Spray with the texturing spray as you wrap- it makes the hair less slippery and easier to hold. Secure the end of the hair with a bobby pin. Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

Take an additional 3 inch (or so) section of hair from directly behind the horn. Spray liberally with the texturizing spray and wrap around the horn. Wrap a few of the clear elastics around the top of the horn to give it a more pointed shape. You can also add a few more clear elastics towards the bottom of the horn to ensure that your hair doesn’t unwrap. Once the horn is complete, spray again with the texturing spray and smooth any flyaways down with your fingers.

Repeat on the other side. Devil Horns Hair Tutorial

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