Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

September 27, 2018

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review- does it actually work?

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

Thanks to a combination of changing seasons and pregnancy, my skin hasn’t been looking great lately. I love trying new gadgets and my skincare routine needed a re-vamp so I decided to give the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro a try. I was wary about spending the money, but all the great reviews I read online made me pull the trigger.

What does the Sonic Eraser Pro Do?

The Sonic Eraser Pro is designed to help you get the most out of your skincare products. It uses a 3-in-1 delivery system called Triplex Infusion Technology to help apply products to your face in a way that’s far superior to using your hands. The Triplex Infusion Technology uses Sonic, Ionic and Thermal Infusion. The Sonic oscillations at more than 30,000 times per minute. It provides an anti-aging massage and it feels so relaxing! The Ionic infusion Creates a negative flow of electrons that attract skincare products to help them absorb more efficiently. The Thermal technology warms the device to 107 degrees which opens the pores and helps them to absorb more product.

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

How to Use:

The device automatically turns on when pressed against your skin. It shuts off when it comes out of contact with your skin. Apply a pearl-sized amount of cream or serum to either your face or the device head. Using gentle pressure, work in small overlapping circles on your face.

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

Does it Actually Work?

Honestly? Yes, it does. The first time I used the Sonic Eraser Pro was after a bad night’s sleep thanks to a cold. My puffy eyes immediately looked better. After a few days, I noticed that my skin looked smoother and more radiant.

When I’m using the Sonic Eraser Pro, I feel like my products are penetrating into my skin instead of just sitting on the surface. Also, the combination of the ionic vibrations and the heat feel like a mini- massage! I use the Sonic Eraser Pro every night before bed to apply my serum.

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

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