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Sand Covered Pots DIY

June 12, 2018

Give your old terracotta pots a beachy upgrade with this Sand Covered Pots DIY!

Sand Covered Pots DIY

Living in a beach town has a big impact on my style. I love bright, air-y and coastal decor. Whenever I go to the ocean, I like to search for shells and beach glass and use them for various craft projects and home decor accents. On a recent beach trip, I came back with a bucket of sand. I had some terracotta pots I wasn’t using because the original color didn’t work with my coastal backyard decor, so I decided to try covering them with sand. I’m happy with the way this Sand Covered Pots DIY turned out! The pots almost look like concrete, and I love the neutral color. Plus, these pots serve as a fun reminder of a beautiful day at the beach!

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Supplies needed for Sand Covered Pots DIY

Terracotta Pots


Mod Podge & paintbrush

Starfish or shells for decorating

Sand Covered Pots DIY

Work one section of the pot at a time. Brush on the Mod Podge.

Sand Covered Pots DIY

Spread the sand out on a flat surface (I used the lid for a plastic bin). Press the pot into the sand.

Sand Covered Pots DIY

Repeat the gluing and pressing until the entire pot is covered. Add some Mod Podge to the inside lip of the pot and pour some sand on with your hands. This way there won’t be a big distinction between the original terracotta color and the sand finish. Let dry. You can add another coat of Mod Podge to the pot to seal it and prevent any sand from shaking off.

Sand Covered Pots DIY

Glue on the starfish using the Gorilla Glue Clear.

Sand Covered Pots DIY

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