Fruit Slice Tray DIY

June 4, 2018

This post was sponsored by Derwent Academy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Fruit Slice Tray

As you guys already know, I love any kind of creative pursuit! From knitting to candle making, I think I’ve tried it all (and featured it on this blog!). Lately my two biggest obsessions are woodworking and painting. I decided to pair them and create this Fruit Slice Tray DIY!

Derwent Academy is my go-to brand for art supplies. They have a full range of everything from watercolor pencils to twin tip markers to acrylic paints.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

With a proud heritage dating back to 1832, the Derwent brand has introduced Derwent Academy which is intended for everyone from hobbyist to professional artists. These tools will help you refine and develop your artistic skill. Derwent Academy is high quality, affordable and they’re the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life!

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

This Fruit Slice Tray is perfect for your next gathering, and what screams “summer” more than fresh, juicy fruit?

Supplies needed for Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Round board (available at most home improvement stores)

White spray paint

Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers

Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints


Cabinet pulls

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Cut the round in half. Spray paint each side white- this really makes the colors pop!

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Use the Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers to sketch out the basic design of the fruit slice. The great thing about painting fruit slices is that they don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. These Twin-Tip Markers feature both a chisel and fine-tip option for each marker. The chisel is great for filling in large spaces (as well as Calligraphy- which I hope to learn soon!), and the fine point is ideal for detailed work.

Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers are alcohol-based markers are perfect for trying out new techniques like stippling, crosshatch, layering and blending.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

After you sketch out the shape, it’s time to paint! Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints contain 24 colors that can be used straight from the tube or mixed with water for a washed effect. The colors and high quality and richly pigmented, so I only needed to do one coat.

To give the tray some contrast, I used Light Green for the inside part of the slice and mixed together Sap Green with Emerald Green for the rind. For the orange slice I used Vermilion for the rind and Orange Yellow for the inside of the slice.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Once you’re finished painting, let it dry.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Measure and mark where the handle will go. Drill holes on both sides.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Line up the handle and screw through the back of the tray.

Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Feeling inspired to create your own art project? Head on over to Derwent Academy for all your supplies!

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