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Living Room Refresh

May 31, 2018

Coastal Living Room My living room has been a work in progress since I first moved in this house. The previous residents were actually using this room as a home office for their law practice and built a huge wall-to-wall wraparound desk. Needless to say, the desk was the first thing to go! Since then, I’ve built the build-in bookcase, added a fireplace and installed wainscoting. It was a of of work, but it was worth it! My living room has become my favorite room in the house.

I like to switch up my home decor with the seasons. After a long, dreary winter I was eager to make some design changes. Since I live in a beach town, I wanted to bring in some coastal elements.  Fresh and clean with a beach house vibe is the look I wanted to achieve. I was so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Article to add some gorgeous, new pieces to my living room!

Article offers a curated selection of beautiful and high quality modern, mid-century and Scandinavian furniture at accessible prices. Their motto (which I love) is “Spend Less. Live More”.

Coastal Living Room

I’ve been searching for a pair of lounge chairs for the longest time. As soon as I saw these Burrard Chairs, I knew my search was over! The style is a nod to mid-century, but still looks fresh and modern. The Seasalt Gray is the perfect neutral gray. Bonus? These chairs so comfortable! I added the Lucca Pillow Set in Blush Pink to add a little color. I’ve been wanting to add a touch of blush pink to the room, but I didn’t want anything large scale. These pillows are velvet with down filling. They’re wonderfully soft and unfussy.

Coastal Living Room

In my opinion, no space is complete without some greenery! This Myria Pot is the ideal home for my huge Mass Cane plant. Mass Canes are low-maintenance and they tolerate low light. The hammered texture of this pot catches the light beautifully!

Coastal Living Room

Thank you Article for sponsoring this post.

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